Sivysy's Badge

Best Anime Blingee Competition 2000+ points Score more than 2000 points in a Best Anime Blingee Competition

Blingees that won this badge

~Bℓυє Dяσρ~ {Mιкυ Hαтѕυиє}
~★{Blคςк Я๏ςк Ƨђ๏๏tєг}★~
{Ήє'ѕ MΥ ρяιи¢є!~}❤{Bєℓρнєgσя χ Fяαи} ≈fσя Mισ-Nєє≈
。◕‿◕。{Υยкเภ๏&Κคภค∂є Ƨคкยгคเ}。◕‿◕。
{Yยι ΉιЯαѕαฬα ﺕ ριкค-ρι!}
{Gιggℓєѕ & Pєтυиια ♥ ΉƬF}
{.✖.Mιкυ Hαтѕυиє.✖.}
{~♪~Lυкα Mєgυяιиє~♪~}

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