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Blingees that won this badge

♦ Avec des ailes courageuses elle vole ○ Wilth brave wings she flies ♦
♦ Happy Birthday my Friendship  Autumn (SunMoonStars) ♦
♦ Happy Birthday my friendship Menent (ment88) ♦
♦ Winter Dreams ♦
♦ Happy Birthday ma chère Dany (quemardany) ♦
♦ Happy New Year 2016 my Friendship ♦
♦ Le Loup Solitaire ○ The Solitary Wolf .○ Der Einsame Wolf ○ El Lobo Solitario ○ Уединенного Волк ♦
♦ Bonne nuit, Doux rêves! ○ Good night, Sweet Dreams! ○ Buena noche, Dulces sueños! ○ Gute Nacht, Schöne Träume! ♦
♦ Bonne nuit ○ Good night ○ Buena noche ○ शुभ रात्रि ○ Спокойной ночи ♦

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