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Best Baby Blingee Competition 1500+ points Score more than 1500 points in a Best Baby Blingee Competition

Blingees that won this badge

♦ Happy Birthday mon amie Poupouce  (Poucelina02) ♦
♦ Le sourire est le meilleur maquillage que toute jeune fille peut porter ○ Smile is the best makeup any girl can wear ♦
♦ Happy Birthday my Friendship  Autumn (SunMoonStars) ♦
♦ Happy Birthday mia amica Elisa (Skyessence) ♦
♦ Vintage Memories ♦
Joyeux Anniversaire Chère Anita
•  Bonne Fête Maman ○ Happy Mother's Day •
Happy Birthday ma chère amie Dany
• L'amitié •

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