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♦ La beauté est le reflet de l'âme ○ Beauty is a reflection of the Soul ♦
♥ нєυяєυχ ρяιитємρѕ ○ нαρρу ѕρяιиg ○ gℓü¢кℓι¢нєя fяüнℓιиg ○ ρямανєяα єи¢αтα∂αѕ ♥
♥  нαρρү вιятн∂αү мση αмιε sαηsαη  ♥♥
♦ Happy Birthday my Friendship Titi (titi269) ♦
♦ Happy Birthday my Friendship Deb (guardian06) ♦
♦ Happy Birthday my Friendship Mary  (Fairyirish04) ♦
♦ Magical Night ♦
♦ Happy Birthday my Friendship  Susi (susi1959) ♦
♦ Happy Birthday mon amie Eryca ♦

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