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"New Year" Gold Blingee Receive an average rating of 4 stars after 10 votes, for a Blingee created during the "New Year" Week (week of 2011/12/26)

Blingees that won this badge

!|! Asuka !|!
.○0'| ŁЄИ KΛƓΛΠIИЄ |'0○.
|.o0°| ΠUƧIC ΛИIΠE GIЯL |°0o.|
|.○0°| ҒLOЯΛ ƎT BЯICƎ |°0○.|
°•○ PЄЯ0ИΛ ○•°
.○0°| RIИ KΛƓΛΠIИE |°0○.
! |.o○~| ΛИIMЄ ßƠƳ |~o○.| !
.○0'| .. ƓUΠI .. ÐØИ'T FΛŁŁ ..  |'0○.

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