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"Easter" Silver Blingee Receive an average rating of 3 stars after 5 votes, for a Blingee created during the "Easter" Week (week of 2012/04/02)

Blingees that won this badge

»‹¦[♥| τнє кαταиα σғ ρяστєcτiσи ‹|♥]¦›«
‹»‹¦[♥| ›σиły yσυ cαи cнαиgє ‹|♥]¦›«
‹»‹¦[♥| ›łiττłє мσиsτєя αs вig cнiłd |♥]¦›«
‹»‹¦[♥| ›głαd yσυ`яє нєяє ‹|♥]¦›«

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