yourlovestory... says:

2210 days ago
Dear Maritta, you & your daughter Cissy are very beautiful! This is a lovely work of art :) :). Are you Irish &/or Celtic, you look Irish, I am Irish, living in the US. Northern US. It is very cold with snow & blizzards, highs in the 20's. I bet it is cold in Germany! Thank you for your lovely present #1 Friend! I tried to write in German, I don't know how well I did :) :). Well, the best of luck to you, your beautiful daughter Cissy & your Family this New Year! Love, Marie I vote for you too!

cherrysherrygk says:

2213 days ago
You Both Look Brilliant! Miss You Cissy I Was Sick Sweetie When You Deleted Me For Missing Your Birthday was Not Done On Purpose Forgive Me Cissy & Im Saving This Wonderful Pic Of You & Your Sweet Mom. 5*'s, FB Thumbs Up <3

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