Patrick Mansion.Episode 15.The truth is worse.

Patrick Mansion.Episode 15.The truth is worse.
SOZ GUYS IT SEZ 23 IT IS ACTUALY 15!SOZ,NOW HERES THE STORY: 'Well,are you going to choose patrick?',Alice said inpatietnly but inside her heart was breaking. 'I don't wan't to treat you two like a game where i pick and choose!',Patrick cried from the hospital bed. 'Listen Patrick',Alice whispered,walkin over and sitting on Patricks bed. She tooks his hand in hers and stroked his cheeck. 'I love you more than i have ever loved anybody,and you have made some of the best memories in my life,so it proves to me that i know exactly what love is',she said soothingly,'So please,take Pete,you two have always been in love,even before you didn'nt know he loved you!,You two are made for eachother,so please,you two are soulmates,you will only be truly happy with eachother'. Pete felt a tear roll down his cheeck as he walked over to them. 'Besides,she continued,I have a present for you,to say goodbye with,'She almost whispered,and she held patricks hand to her stomach. 'A baby?',Patrick mumbled out nearly silentley. 'Yes,but it is for you and Pete,Raise it please,becaus ei want it to have the most loving man in the world for a father,'she said,breaking down into tears,she quickly turned to run,but Pete grabbed her by her hand. 'Thank you,Alice,please don't leave us forever,I'd love for you to visit at times,see the baby grow up to be as amazing as you and Patrick,even though it will be with me and Patrick,you'll always be the closest friend of ours',Pete finished giving her a tight hug. 'Thank you Pete,Thank you so much,i know you'll be happy together'. 'So,'Andy crudeley butted in',Have you got a bun in the oven or not?' 'Andy!',Patrick groaned. 'No,its ok!',Alice laughed,'Yes i have,and youre gonna be a great uncle andy!' 'Oh my god',Andy sniffed,swiflty wiping a tear from his eye. Alice reached into her bag and fubled as she pulled out a small piece of paper and handed it to Patrick as Andy and Pete leaned over his shoulder. 'Its the baby scan',ALice smiled. 'Hey!,Andy exclaimed',I think its a boy!' 'No er,thats its leg',Pete pointed out awkwardly. 'Its so beautfiul',Patrick smiled,tears in his eyes. Suddenly the hospital doors once again crashed open,revealing a stressed looking,emily,nell and rebecca. 'Hey guys,what the hell is going on!?',Emily shouted,runing across the ward. 'We came as quick as we could!',Cried nell running over and hugging alice tightly. 'Yeh,wait hey whats wrong alice?',Rebecca asked. 'Nah im fine',Alice said rubbing her eyes but smudging her mascara,'Aw how grogeous,panda eyes!' 'You still look beautful',Emily said hugging alice. 'So whats happned?',Asked Rebecca. Nell decided it was best if they got her home first. On the way back alice explained EVERYTHING. 'Wow,'Emily gasped stepping out onto the drive outside alices town house. 'I know right,i just need a breather',ALice sighed grabbing her bag. 'Hey alice,whyd u let Patrick have Pete?,havent u like loved him and hes loved you forever??',Nell asked confused. 'Yes but,that love is much more stronger.',Alice replied opening her door and being greeted by her two cats,Steven and Jonathon,both mewing for food. 'Here let me help,'Rebbecca said opening a fresh tin of cat food. It was now nealry midnight and Patrick was fast asleep in hospital,Pete stayed,trying his hardest not to nodd off incase something happned to Patrick. It was 9:30 am as patrick woke with a jolt to a cold sun as he was being wheeled by Andy out of the hospital. 'Mring sleepy head,'Pete laughed holding Patrick hand as Patrick got to grips,'You finaly get out of this dosshole',Pete laughed trying his best to ram patricks whhelchair into the car seat. He had attracted quite a crowd. A couple of nurses in skimpy outfits were gigling as they came over to a struggling Pete and a half asleep patrick fyling abou tin a wheelchair. 'Do you want some help',A blonde one laughed,Reaching across pete to Patricks chair,Petes frsutration soon disapeared. 'Ouch!,What was that!'The nurse yepled jumping up. 'Wow',Pete laughed',Ya no them wheelchairs!Hard to handel!' A brunette reached over Patrick and carried him out of his wheelchair,feet dangling,and into the car. Patrick was soon awake then. 'Hey',Pete whispered',She looked kinda like Alice,But did she have jugs like that!',Pete laughed histericaly. Patrick was awkward but eventualy shoed Pete a quick piccie of her on his cell. 'Oh ok Dude,'Pete said',And you picked me over her?',He again chuckled and shook his head in disbelief. 'Yo quick look!',Pete smiled,poitning across the road as Andy slowed down enough just for them to spot Joe in a bikini on the side of the street doing his world famous go go dancing.He was attracting a quick crowd. They soon arrived and Patrick jumped as pete lifted him into his arms and carried patrick inside the mansion like a baby. Andy grabbed the wheelchair and dumped it in the hall. Patrick tried to stand up,but his knees quickly collapsed underneath him. 'Woah woah!',Pete yelped,catching him',You aint well enough yet!',He laughed restin Patrick back down on the sofa. 'I'll do it',Pete said,walking into the kitchen and boiled the kettle. 'Remeber,Andy has the china cup!',Patrick shouted through into the kitchen. 'I know!',Pete called back. It was 8:30 pm as Patrick yawned as Pete carrie dhim up to his bedroom. He layed him down delicatley and kissed him on his forehead.Patrick kissed him back on his lips. Pete tenderley held Patricks chin and pulled him in to kiss him. Patrick kissed him back.this time they kissed together passionatley.They were able to kiss properely for the first time. 'I love you',Patrick whispered as Pete lent into him,and patrick held pete tighly,kissing him as Pte held Patricks hair and removed his hat.They both sat only in the moonlight,and enjoyed their firs moment together. 'Now,stop Patrick',Pete said pulling away,as patrick was sliding his hands up petes shirt. 'But i need you pete',Patrick persisted kissing him again,and pulling him close. 'No Patrick,i need you to and im going to have to wait till ur better,i dont want to hurt you'. 'Oh ok,'Patrick said pulling Pete lay his head down. 'Thanks Pete',Patrick said as Pete lay dwon next to him,stroking his hair. It looked like gold. 'Hey watch out,or the magpies might nick gold out of your hair!,'Pete laughed,and Patrick fell straight asleep in his arms.
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x.samm.x says:

3299 days ago
♥♥♥♥♥♥pete and patrick 4ever♥♥♥♥♥♥ i love your stories 

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