Patrick Mansion.Episode 16.Shop till yo drop!

Patrick Mansion.Episode 16.Shop till yo drop!
Pete woke up to soft humming. It reminded him of the good days,when they were at his apartment and he nearly burnt down the whole house,but of course patrick was there to save his butt.Infact,as Pete contemplated even more he realized that he actualy was there to save his butt all the time. How could he have come so close to leaving him to die.All the possibilities tht could have taken place,pete decided to try his best to wipe them from his mind as he wandered downstairs to the kitchen,where Patrick was cooking a fry-up. 'Wow my favourite',Pete whispered. 'Hm?',Patrick said spinning aroun,frying pan in hand. 'Oh ma god patrick!',Pete shouted.Patrick was realy feeling the heat of the kitchen and decided that he should cook naked this morning,of course an apron was necesary. 'Oh sorry',Patrick blushed. 'No',Pete interupted,'I don't mind'. At this moment Any walked in with the moring paper and a cup of starbuks. 'Wha-?,No,infact im not even gonna ask',he said and turned and walked out,but popped his head round the door and said',But patrick,keep that idea in mind,might be good for one of your shows!',And he soon disapeared again. 'Hey',Pete said to patrick picking up his toast',Howcome a man with such low self confidence as you can do shows like that?' Patrick sat next to pete and sipped his coffee. 'Well,it kinda gives me a night of cinfidence,cos its hard to explain,i feel like they want to see me and that actualy for one night someone wants to see me and may actualy liek me so it gives me confidence to show what i can do!',He said very matter of factly. 'Wow,thats deep dude,but hey',Pete said takin patricks hands',Why do you feel like that,lots of people love you!,Alice,Me,That past idiotic girlfriend of yours Anna!,And please,you can't forgot all of you fans!Remeber tht one time i had to come and do one of your shows cos you were ill and a fan had a sighn saying,pete is a douche?' 'Ha ha yeh!',Patrick laughed. Andy came crashing through the doors slamming a newspaper onto the table on page 3. 'AND WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!HM!CAN I ASK!ITS DISGUSTING!',Andy shouted running out of the room as maids came to carry him to his relaxation room. Patrick picked up the newspaper gingerley to see what the big fuss was about. 'Oh my god',Patick whispered. Gracing page 3 was a picture of Patrick in his show clothes and Joe on the street doing his famous dances. 'What?',Pete said snatching the paper,'So,who will win,Joe Trohman a homless street dancer puts on a show of a lifetime as singer and secret entertainer Patrick Stump,the shy singer has been revealed by a rat doing private shows,what is this secret double life of his?And whats it all about?' Patrick slummed straight into the table and sobbed into his placemat. Pete ran outside still in his dressing gown and holding the newspaper. Mases of photographers were at the gates and a stressed looking andy was flaing his arms about shooing them away. Pete ran to the gates and a hige gust of wind blew his gown open. The photographers screamed and news reporters cried into mics,'Is this patricks on show sidekick?,or better half!' Pete grabbed one of the mics and screamed down it for everyone to go away. Soon patrick came rushin out of the house to the gates dressed in his dressing gown and the same happened as a huge gust of wind also blew his open.'Wow looked like you two had fun last night!'Somone in the crowd yelled out. Suddenly a fimilair voice screemed,'RUN!ITS GERARD!' ANd soon enough gerard way appered climbing the gates stark naked and screaming,'But pete is mine!' Pete grabbed patrick hand and made him run and run dwon the side of the mansion where huge fields stretched. 'Where are we going?',Patrick finaly whispered out. Here put thses on dude',Pete whispered back shoving a bundle of clothes into his arms. Patrick quickly shoved on a t shirt,a pair of jogging bottoms,a bandana and a baseball cap, They wandered down a dark alley. Pete gripped patricks hand tighly as they stayed close,avoiding as many drug dealers pete seemed to know. They finaly got out,again into a mass of feilds but patrick quickly spotted petes van acroos the short few yards. 'Here we are',Pete finaly said and buckled patrick in. He quickly looked at him,he noticed he was shaking and gave him a blanket. 'Nah its ok dude,im not hot'. 'Are you scared?',Pete said stroking patricks hand as he shivered again and took a deep breath,'Im ok',Patrick replied. But pete could tell he was absolutley terrified. Dont worry,when all of this is over,i can finaly tak eyou to a place an dyou and me can be together an safe,he genlty kissed patrick and shoved his keys into the ignition and spe over the fields,eventualy reaching a rough street,full of hookers and homeless. They came to a giant bridge with a small slither of water slididng through the cobled cracks. Pete got out of the van. 'Heres home!',Pete said stretching his arms and helped patrick out. 'This,is where you live?what happened to yout apartment?'Ptrick whispered still in shock. 'The removers took it and everything that was in it'. Patrick wandered down to a nook and sat down next an old man in fingerless gloves sipping a bottle of rum. 'Hey,mthe names Scoot',The old man croaked out. 'Erm,Patrick said back holding out his hand. 'Ha ha!',The old man chuckled sourly with his broken smile,'Nice name,so are you a friend of petes?' Pete came and sat down beside them handing scoot and patrick a flask and blanket. 'Yeh u cud say that',Patrick replied. Scoot once again let out a chuckle and cough',I get what you mean!' 'Are you freinds with him?',Patrick whispered nudging pete. 'you could say that,hes kinda freinds with everyone,hes also kinda crazy',Pete murmered back. 'Still scared?,dnt worry trick,i promise some day ill gte you evrything you want',Pete said nearly in tears',I just,im just such a mess,why did u land yourself with me?' Patrick quickly looked over to check scoot wasn't looking,he was fast alseep,probaly passed put from all the alchohol he was taking in.'Becaus i love you pete,and i dont care where we are,as long as we are together',patrick whispered and he hugged pete tightly. Pete took patricks hands and kissed him softley and patrick stroked petes cheeck. They were passionatley kissing underneath the bridge,holding eachother for warmth as they heard sccot burp and say,'merry christmas,i couldnt care less!'
created by: JonasLove...

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i<3 it!! 

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