Patrick Mansion.Episode 23.Feeling sorry.

Patrick Mansion.Episode 23.Feeling sorry.
Hayley was bruing tea whilst taylor and ashlee sat entertaining bronx and watching the one show but not realy paying attention to what was realy on. 'Remember ashlee has a china cup!',Taylor called into the kitchen. 'I know!',Hayley called back inpateintly. Hayley came through and placed the tea down infront of them. 'Hey can u get me some painkillers ive got a realy bad migrane,'Ashlee said rubbing her forehead. 'Aye shove a broom up my arse and ill sweep the floor!',Hayley shouted as she went back into the kitchen. Pete lay in silence,not paying attention to anyone around him. He just lay there in the bus shelter. He heard people sighing as they passed him and eventualy he turned to his side to see a pile of bank notes stacked high. He quickly snatched them up in his hands as a shadow fell over him. He looked up to see Joe the street dancer. He realy must have made somehting out of himself. His bikin was now a bright pink and had spekled diamonds,yet his hair was still wild. Joe bent down next to pete. He pulled out a $50 bill from his bra and put it in petes hands as he said,'Don't take things for granted,live evryday liek its the last,and youll have a gud one'. Then he left. It left pete very confused but it aslo seem to make slight sense.It was very deep.A yellow checkered cab pulled up as pete called it to the corner and stepped in. He saw the driver and it reminded it of patrick. He turned around and pete was disapointed,a shaved headed man with a filthy vest and gold earing stared him in the eye. 'Youre aint exactly prince charmin either mate',He grunted. 'Oh....sorry',pete gushed as he realised he had been staring. 'Erm.....24 waterloo road,basford flats please',pete spoke out trying to remember the adress. Soon they arrived,pete was disapointed,not being able to leave him a tip. He rand the doorbell and a voice answered,'Hey,er is this the stripper we ordered?',A unfamiliar voice answered. 'Erm....',Pete trailed off not knowing what to answer. 'Nah im jokin man',the voice replied,'Come in to our flat!'. Pete ran up the stairs to the second floor and barged through the door as it was already slightly open. 'Hey hey!What the hell do you think youre doing!',Hayley came through to pete,shouting at him to get out. 'I know waht you did to her!And How DARE you think you can just waltz in here!She isnt a piece of trash like you!',she scremaed,shoving him with her hands. Taylor carried bronx into his room to try and keep him away and settle him. 'Hayley?Whats going on??!',Ashlee called from the living room. Pete shoved past hayley and ran inot the living room and stopeed in his tracks. He stared at ashlee,she seemed so beautiful,like an angel. 'Oh my god,pete....',ashlee just about whispered as she stood up. 'Ashlee,im so sorry,i know apolagies cant ever make up for leaving someone as beautiful as you,i was stupid,and i dont know what happned,i lost what was most imprtant to me,you and bronx',Pete gasped holding out his hand to ashlee. 'You can just backaway jackass!,'Hayley screamed jumping infront of him',Im gonna protect her cos i know how much she dies inside when you left!And i dont you near her,jjust to break her heart again',hayleys voice started to shake as she forced back tears. 'Listen i couldl never do that to ashlee,i love her so much and i always have!',Pete started to raise his voice again. 'Well why did you do this to her!Listen pete,we have 2 weeks left in england then were going back to live in OUR home in chicago again,with no memories of you to scare us again',hayely said sternly as she stared at pete. 'NO!!NO PLEASE ASHLEE!do u even rember how amazing our lives were!I lived for you!And i want to again!',Pete shouted at ashlee as hayley tried her best to force him out. 'NO!Wait pete,i love you',ashlee called back. It went silent. 'BLOODY HELL!',Hayely cried.
created by: JonasLove...

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