Patrick Mansion.Episode 24.Fireflies.

Patrick Mansion.Episode 24.Fireflies.
Patrick walked and walked,not quite knowing where he was heading. He must have began to get neared home as paeople started to point. He could hear their crude whispers and laughs as he tried to hide his face and tears. He couldnt belive his life,such a rollercoaster,and he had to go home and then chicago soon,even though old memories would haunt him he needed to forget. His cell bleeped, 'Hello?',he said swollowing. 'PATRICK!PATRICK!Where the HELL are you!?,Yeh,you may be out galavanting or hididng but youve been gone for days,im worried',it was andy,and he sounded as if he was holding back tears. 'Oh my gosh,andy im so soo so sorry,i dont know how i can apologize or explain!',patrick stammered. 'Oh well god trick,just listen,i dotn care im just so thankful tht i got into contact with you,please,please come back!The press are...settling just please coem back',andy seemed to lie about the press but he couldnt leave him any longer. He called a cab to stop on the street. 'Where to?',a bald,fat man with a large snake tattoo up hisright arm asked. 'Erm....Patrick Mansion please',patrick mumbled,embarrassed. 'Ok man,by the way,i feel sorry for you,the press are losers,i mean,its your life!',he sympathised and drove patrick to the mansion. It touched his heart and he managded a smirk. The press were still there. But not as many as before. 'Hey dude take this',the taxi driver called and threw patrick a jacket and scarf,he said it was better not to wear a hat. Patrick tried to walk out of the taxi casualy btu there was no fooling the press,also his height awlays gives it away. 'Hey patrick wherve you been?!',one shouted. 'Looking great!,but wheres pete??',another called. 'Wheres alice,one of our resources recalls a relationsip and pregnancy',a woman reported to a camera shoving a mic in tricks face. Patrick just sped up and came to a run as he ran into the mansion as quick as possible. 'Patrick?PATRICK PATRICK!',patrick could hear andy call. 'Andy?',patrick called back to the voice. He soon apeared,wearign a dressing gown,flip flops, his hair was very messy and his eyes were red like he hadnt slept in days. 'Oh my gosh patrick',andy gasped throwing his arms around patrick. 'Its ok andy,im not leavin you alone again',patrick soothed. He walked over to the puffy couch and sat down slowly.'Are you ok?Tea?,cofee?,whiskey?',andy asked already pouring himself some whiskey. 'Just tea please,thanks so much andy',patrick sighed. *BEEP BEEP* Patricks cell made him jump. He whipped it open to see a text from nell,one of alices closet friends. It red: Patrick,somthins hapnd,cum quick plz! 'Who was that?',said andy sitting across to patrick. 'Nell,she says sumthings happened and i need to come over quickly?!',patrick said confused. 'Well you bettet get up and go!It could be alice shes carrying a baby you know!',Andy shouted forcing patrick up. 'Ill take you'. Andy crowded around trick as they struggled to the limo. They sped down the motorway and eventualy came to alices large house. Patrick knocked and a weary looking nell answered the door. 'Nell whats going on??',patrick gasped but nell grabbed him by his collar and pulled him into the living room. 'Quick patrick i dont know whats happening!,I think its stress or i dont know!,but alice is in real pain and she keeps on blacking out!',nell screamed franticaly pointing to the stairs. Patrick ran up them as quick as he could to alice's bedroom. He found the room in a complete mess,tissues strewn across the ground,hot watter bottles dripping,glasses smashed. He wlake din further to see alice on her bed. She looked exhausted and was crying her eyes out,her hair was a mess and covering most of her face btu so was a bump on her stomach of the baby. 'Alice!',patrick called runnign to her bedside. 'Oh-my-gosh',she panted,swiping up another tissue,'I never thought you would-come!' 'I had to come when i knew you where in trouble',patrick whispered. 'Wait!Hold up!Where th hell is pete at??!',alice butted in ruining the moment. 'Erm its a very long story but....but we arent together anymore',patrick whispered trying his best not to cry. 'Aw,oh mi gosh,patrick',alice gasped reaching over and giving him a hug. 'I missed your arms',he said as they pulled away. 'But i thought u liked pete?',alice asked,confused. 'I did,i do,i dunno yeh i loved him but i left him,i had to do what was best,i got into contact with ashlee and she was struggling and i said u need to go and look after your family and i need to get what of my own....yeh its a long story',patrick trailed off. Alice jst sat,speechless.'Wow',she eventulay spoke out. 'Yeh..i know,but i was hopin you could help me on makin that faamily of my own??hm?',patrick asked cheeckily,winking. 'oh oh...well i think i can help with that',alice giggled as she leaned onto patricks body and started to lift up his shirt. *BOOM BOOM BOOM* Alice whipped away and listened out. *BOOM BOOM BOOM* she heard voice and so did patrick. 'JOSH JOSH!',she heard nells voice call from her room. 'Erm....',patrick said nervously,not knowing how to place himslef. 'oooow,oh my god',alice gasped clutching her bump. 'Alice?Whats wrong are you ok??',patrick suddenly freaked out. 'Yeh,yeh gud,i keep on getting bad pains,i dont know why,its definatley not me in labour,its only been 4 and a half months!',she cried. 'Are ou sure ok?',patrick said,cluthing her hand,'And is the little one good too?',he whispered putting his hands onto alices large bump and rubbing it lovingly. 'Im gonna stay here tonight and look after you,i have to',patrick said sternly. 'Oh thank you so much',alice breathed out. Patrick crawled over the bed and lay beside alice. He didnt want to leave for chicago anymore. 'ALICE!WHERES THE WIPES THERES BEEN AN EXPLOSION',emily called from the downstairs bedroom. 'How many people live here!',patrick laughed as he ingonred them and held alice tighly but tenderly.
created by: JonasLove...

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Emo-is-rad says:

3463 days ago
O-M-G thank god your okay! i hope your not in labour! ONLY 4 MONTHS! WAHHH and i was in it xD yay for like 1 sec but BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM ??!!!  what?!/

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