the rst of it p.s i am making the part 2 know wich will probaly be done in a week or two ok

the rst of it p.s i am making the part 2 know wich will probaly be done in a week or two ok
* Chapter 6 The investigation begins As Izzy was slowly backing away, he saw a police car and started to run even harder. One police officer jumped inside the boat. "Macala!" he said. (How does he know her name?) He calls his wife and says "Our daughter is... dead." "Ooh, my sweet Macala." The mom said, while crying miserably. "How did my baby die?!" "I don't know. I just found a knife." "Well? Investigate, do something make your job useful!" Mom yelled in a panicking way. After that, the mother calling all of Macala's friends, asking them,” Do you know anything about Macala's death??"First she called Alice and asking her if she knows any thing but Sofia says no and so has every friend that mom has called. One of Macals's friends, Katie, finally said something. "The last time I saw her was at the mall party." Then the mom said to herself, “I told her not to go to that party!" "Any more information?" Mom said to Katie. “Yes, well, she was with a boy named Izzy and that's when she went outside with him. That's all I know." "Ok, thank you thank you thank you!" Mom said in a fast panicked way. "Your welcome?" said Katei slowly. As Kaite hung up, she said to herself, "Awkward." Mom finished calling all of Macala's friends and told her husband what Katie said and see if he can look at records so if he could find the name Izzy. The husband looked, checked the address, and went to the home. He asked the adults if they had heard of anyone named Izzy. One pair said no with a suspicious face, so he just walked in the house like it was his own. He saw a room that had lots of knives hanging on a wall and also a poster that said Izzy. He ran to the adults and grabbed them both by the neck. "Where is he?!" They lied again so he threatened with a pistol to the man's head. “tell me please I am a desperate father trying to find the murder of m daughter please help me by telling me the truth pleas” They told him the truth the he was at the Brooklyn Mall. The father said, "If I find out you are lying, I'm going to come back and you don’t want that." *Chapter 7 Looking for Izzy The father goes to the Brooklyn Mall and threatens every teenage boy in the mall, checks if they have any knife. He found 2 guys. They both had the name of Izzy and one had a knife. So he took both of them to the boat that Macala was in and checked the fingertips and one guy ran way before the dad could check his last finger. The father assumed that he was the one that killed Macala. * Chapter 8 The trial After father caught the evil Izzy, he said to him, "Ooh brother, you don't know how much trouble you are in because YOU killed my daughter. Get you evil little butt in the car, I'm taking you to the police if you like it or not." "But why? I'm not a killer." said Izzy. "Yes you are.” Said the father. “You are killer because you killed my beautiful daughter Macala." "Whatever." said Izzy. 'By the way, I'll show you more proof that I have and you don't know how many people I'm going to ask if they had seen you with my baby girl." Izzy's eyes turned wide with fear, but still he lied that he didn't do anything. The father grabbed Izzy by the wrist and took him into the police station. There in the room was Macala's mom, Katie (looking uncomfortable), and the knife in a plastic bag. Also, there were some of Izzy's friends. The father slams Izzy into a chair. He ties Izzy up into the chair. First, they ask the mom about Macala. “Macala was supposed to stay in the house, but Macala left anyway. She never came back." mom starts crying again. Izzy doesn't say anything. Katie says the same thing that she told the mom. "I know it was him!" Katie points at Izzy. Again, Izzy does not say a word. The officer asks Izzy's friends about the night of the party. One of them said, “We were all at the party, just hanging out. One of the other friends said. “All I remember is that Izzy saw Macala and runs up to her like she was a goddess or something, Izzy started to dance with her and she looked really happy. Izzy and Macala go outside together and that's all I know." He takes a deep breath. "Izzy is always bragging about his knife wall." Then the dad shows the knife. "Oh and Izzy is always talking about that one. Like, 'It's really sharp!' or 'That one is my favorite.' “Everyone looks at Izzy. Izzy hangs his hand down low. The dad lifts Izzy's head up and says, "See? YOU killed my Macala!" He pulls Izzy's rope so hard on his wrist that the blood drips out of his wrists. Then everyone goes to the soundproof room, leaving Izzy alone in the trial room. Izzy takes out a spare knife and starts to cut the rope off. When everyone comes back in the room, saying that they will arrest him, all that was left was an empty chair and a few pieces of rope. * Chapter 9 The chase Suddenly, everyone is in panic mode, yelling, running, and crying. (Mostly crying, Macala’s mom.) Then, the officer yells, "Everyone, be quiet!" They all calm down. "We all have to look for Izzy." He points to a group. "You'll look in the building. Everyone else, get in your cars and lock the doors and windows." He pauses, looking around the room. “We are going to find him." “This is Officer Morgan, any news?" The dad said to his walkie talkie. Everyone replied "No sightings." The father sights and leans back in his seat in the police car. Then he sees Izzy running across a lawn. The dad gasps and comes rushing out the car. "Hey! Stop right there!" He grabs a coffee cup full with coffee and throws it at Izzy. Izzy stops, screaming, down to the ground because the coffee is really hot. Izzy takes off his shirt and lies on the cool green grass."Ahhhh." He says, enjoying the coolness of the grass. The father gets to him and takes out his pistol. "Stay!" he yells,” Don’t make me fire." Izzy looks at him, and then takes out his knife, aiming for the dad's heart. They roll around until Izzy is on top of the dad and the knife is just above the father's chest. "Ha," Izzy says, “You are just a poor, helpless father." Izzy takes the gun and throws it over the roof off a house. “You can't do anything now. I am going to kill you and you'll be with you daughter." The dad looks at him. "Get ready." Izzy says, "Because you're going to be dead, just like your sweet Macala." The father cannot hold it any longer. He gets the knife and throws it. Then, he puts his hands on his throat and starts to choke Izzy. Izzy starts to cough and his eyes are wide open. Izzy does not move when the dad gets up. But then the dad looks and knows what he has done is wrong. * Chapter 10 Trouble As the father was looking at Izzy, police cars come flashing everywhere. A few policemen get out of the cars and say, “Freeze!" They all shine their flashlights at the dad and Izzy on the ground. The chief of police comes over and says, “Officer Morgan, how can you do this?" The father blinks a lot and says, “I... I... something just came over me I don’t know what though." The ambulance comes and the Chief says, “We will this discuss this later." He walks away. Then the wife comes over to the dad. "Honey..." she starts.”No," the dad says, “Don’t say anything, not yet." The ambulance takes Izzy away but did not put lights on. The father knew this was not a good sign.
created by: celli101

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