Fistful Of Tears_Blue Beam Projects

Fistful Of Tears_Blue Beam Projects
You're such a good mom. My mom is really depressed because she told me she couldn't sleep at night and I told her that she slept just fine when she fucked up when I was a kid and my twin is making me feel like I'm going to make my mom kill herself. So, I had no right to tell you to let your daughter go. My mom wants me to come back home and I just can't right now. My mom would never let me leave the house after a certain time at night and I just don't want to hear what they have to say. My twin said I'm putting my whole family through hell right now and I got mad and told him "fuck you, too"....I just have to fight back until I can't fight anymore....and then I'll deal with them. You have to know that you can't trust anyone on youtube. There are people who've told me they used their third eye and watched me or listened to my thoughts and I thinks its demonic because its an invasion of privacy and no one can watch me and say...."this is about to happen to you" or "this is what those people were saying when you said that"...I read people's channels when they talk to me or when I add....if I see anything like 711 ghost or Casper the friendly ghost, I try to distance myself from them. You know what helped me? My imagination and thinking about faity tales...its just that after waiting for your hero to come and save you, you realize they are only there to break know, you have to know that the government will TRY to separate you from people...all types of people. Even your daughter. They can steal picture's anyone loads up and use them to deceive you. I promise you that your phone calls are intercepted with along with your emails...and you have to understand that when you go to a site like myspace...there are millions of fake profile's...there is an article yahoo posted saying "did you add the FBI"? You know, my heart and my hope will always remain....I know there are some bad people out there but, I know some people are going along with something they have no control over and I hate cops but, I know there are good men out here. There are daddy's like mine. I call my father Daddy and my mom, ma......the police who have kid's.....they meant read my emails and hug their child wouldnt hug me. But, I just know my in heart that there are good people out could be a fairy tale but hope and God and faith will keep you alive. God and I are back to talking and He worked miracles for me yesterday just by working through people's spirit. Your time will come....I know that I am not the only one in this town thinking about what's happening because there is a conference here...not in a major city like Chicago....FINALLY.....there are so many of us....our time will come....the more we fight...the more someone else is harmed...look at my blingee account and check out freedom fighters...I hate Gangstalking on youtube...and gosh..there is a guy who loaded one of my favorite's and he is so gross.....there are gross people out here and mainly on the're doing 65%-75% on the do like I did....get off your ass before the government comes to your mommies job....and walk down the streets and get to people who you know are real and not the FBI....I think that everytime something bad happens, I get a new idea....let everything motivate you family...but, also let them go.....don't stop fighting....I promise you....some of us won't make it....but, there's so many of us...that a lot of us will. I got 19 mintues left sweetie. I gotta go.....I am about to block the people who I associated with the most online....I have no use for them anyway...anything can turn into a blessing and keep your faith...God got me through everything so being in a shelter...I told God I was sorry for treating Him the way I have...we talked so much...and you know, what...He worked through, I guess that means He still loves me. I just want to be a hero, save the world and die....that's my dream come true. Even if my passing the B. Spears video around saves her life a while longer....I have served God. You know, I want to save her....I don't know why but, if God worked through other's for me...He's got me thinking about her because He is too. I love how God and I can get through to each other. Nothing can stop me...God helped me two years ago....and I lost faith in Him...I knew He was real but, I was like DAMN<<<<<you were there....and now....I know what happened to, God will get me through it, baby....I'm so geeked....16 mintues left on my public cpu....gotta go. Love ya...because you're a survivor and a fighter with a mushy make me mushy...I'm going to talk to my mom, today
created by: aliceiris711

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7 graphics were used to create this "rape nightmare's" picture.
Simple Black Pattern
Just Me (About Nothing)
// woman



aliceiris711 says:

3936 days ago
To create love affairs w/ the Prep, on every encounter of the TI with the Prep the TI is mind controlled to create love emotional feelings towards the Prep. After several such encounters the TI will develop love over the Prep and this happens without the knowledge of TI (that the TI is mind controlled). This relation is artificially created to introduce perp into the TI life as spouse, so that the Person create complications in the TI life & with this complication in life; social control

aliceiris711 says:

3961 days ago
"demonic perception"

End Of The Rainbow

Stop Touching Me

The Galt House: 1

Blend In W/ Blue Beam Project

Look At The Bunny!

Everyday (humor)

Fear God, Not Them~Lil Wayne

Birth Sign Scorpio with Gemini Moon and Gemini Rising


aliceiris711 says:

3961 days ago
One Last Bullet:


aliceiris711 says:

3961 days ago

1) Remote Neural Monitoring: Civil Action by John St. Clair Akwei

*2) Remote Behavioral Influencing Technology by John McMurtrey, M.A. 

*3) Bio-electromagnetic Weapons by Harlan Girard, Managing Director, International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons (ICOMW) 

aliceiris711 says:

3961 days ago
Amazing but TRUE: Top secret technology can sometimes read targeted minds. Here is some evidence(also cached´╗┐ by Google)& more evidence to document how this could technically be true. Here is a detailed scientific paper (in MS-Word format). (It might be possible to combine an improved version of a 1976 Malech patent device for remotely reading brainwaves by bouncing 2 mixed EMF beams off of a brain & reading filtered bouncedback EMF data from the brain with other technology that can translate

aliceiris711 says:

3961 days ago
can translate brainwaves-to-speech.Brainwave Manipulation (and monitoring and maybe even recording.) Amazing technology feats include: sound beam technology, subliminal messages, mind reading, bodymind manipulation probably using brainwaves manipulation, sleep now attacks, influencing dreams, and/or inflicting pain and/or simulated illness. 

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