lolena part 5

lolena part 5
enjoy! 2 day passed. Logan went to the beach. Logan was surfing. he loved to surf. Logan was heading to shore. from the corner of his eyes , he saw Selena walking on the beach shore. she was with a friend. he rushed over to her.he was never so excited to see her, he hasn't seen her in 2 days. "Selena!" Logan yelled. waving his hand while still holding his board. Selena turned around and saw that it was Logan. she smiled. Selena wiped the hair off her face. Logan reached Selena and her friend. it was Jenifer stone. they had just filmed a episode near by. "hey , Logan." Selena said. "hey! I've been meaning to see you."Logan said. "really , did you plan this." Selena asked joking. "no , but i'm happy it happened." Logan said smiling. Selena looked deep into his eyes and smiled too. then she turned to Jenifer. "this is Jenifer, we just shot a episode here." Selena said to Logan. "and this is Logan." Selena said to Jenifer."so your the famous Logan we hear about all the time." Jenifer said. Logan smiled and blushed. Selena looked at Jenifer. she gave her look like "Jenifer!" "what?" Jenifer said.then they continued to walk. Logan joined their walk across the beach. they talked about acting and many other stuff. they turned and walked back.they finally got to the parking lot which was on the other side of the exit. selena's car was the first one parked in front. "well it was nice meeting you, Jenifer. and i'll see you soon , Selena. i hope." Logan said. then he waved and turned around with his board. "wait," Selena said. Logan turned around. "where are you going? the parking lot is over here." Selena asked. "yea but , the exit is over there." Logan said. "Don't you need your car?" Jenifer asked. "oh ,i didn't bring one , i came walking." Logan said. "oh ,ok." Jenifer said. then she got in the car. "you want a ride?" Selena asked. "um-" "we can have lunch , i just need to drop of Jenifer." Selena interrupted. she was trying to convince Logan. she really wanted to hang out with him. "sure!" Logan said. Selena got in the car and so did Logan. he put his board in which took most of the space. Jenifer and Selena were in the front and Logan was in the back. "so you surf?" Selena asked Logan. "yea , i don't do it a lot, but once in a while." Logan said. "cool." Jenifer said. " i wish i knew how it looks like fun" Selena said. "if you want , i could teach you one day." Logan asked. "sure! i'd love that." Selena said. Selena looked in the mirror and saw Logan. they smiled at each other. Jenifer noticed that there was something between them two. Selena stopped and Jenifer got off. "thanks Selena see ya." "bye." Selena said. "nice meeting you." Logan said. "you, too." Jenifer shut the door and left. Selena looked back at Logan and saw that he had little room with the board. "you can come up front now , so you wont be so squashed." Selena suggested. "good idea." Logan said. Logan got off and went to the front. "so where do you want to go to?" Selena asked. "i don't know, you pick this time?" Logan said. "ok , i got a good place in mind. first are you really hungry or just like a snack hungry?" Selena asked. "um , just like a snack hungry." Logan said. "ok . is donkin donuts good?" Selena asked . "it's just fine." Logan smiled. and Selena drove . when they finally reached it it was around 6pm. Logan got off and opened the door for Selena. Selena smiled and got off. she thought how he was such a gentlemen and sweet. they headed in and ordered. Selena got donut and tea. Logan got the same, except no drink. Selena was about to take out her wallet when Logan payed the guy. "hey , you payed last time." Selena said. "doesn't matter."Logan said. they got there food and sat down on a table. "so when do you want do the lessons for surfing?" Logan asked. Selena smiled. "how about starting tomorrow?" "perfect!" Logan asked. "and since you never let me pay , i will have to give you money for the lessons." "no-" "yes!" Selena interrupted. they kept on saying no and yes until Selena won.they talked and laugh, and of course Logan was alway the one to make Selena laugh. "so , i heard you are making the second movie of Wizards of Waverly Place ,is it true?" Logan asked. "yea, i hope it turns out good!" Selena said. " with you in it,anything could be just perfect!" Logan said. Selena smiled. "just like this afternoon!" Logan finished. Selena blushed. "so when are you going to make your second movie of Percy Jackson?" Selena asked. "i don't know , not soon for sure but some time." "cool." Logan and Selena finished. they left. they got in the car. "where do you live?" Selena asked. Logan gave her the address and she turned on the car. Selena reached his house. "here we are." Selena said. "thanks!" Logan said. "no problem , hey um what time tomorrow for the lessons?" Selena asked. "um around 3." Logan said. "ok , see you there." Logan shut the door and entered his house. Selena drove off. her phone rang. she saw that it was Jenifer. "hey , Jenifer." "hey , Selena. so are you back yet?" "yea , i just doped him off." "so you kissed him yet?" Jenifer asked. "what? no! we are just friends." Selena said. "uh huh!" Jenifer said sarcastic. "what?" Selena said. " i know you and i know you like him. Demi would say the same thing if she was here.." Jenifer said.she knew Jenifer was right , she just dint except it. "is that all you wanted?" Selena asked. "no , we just got news from the directer and he said we were leaving to film Wizards of Waverly Place like in a week. we are coming back in like a week and a half." "what!" "oh yea, and we have to learn a part in the script. the one we are going to shoot. so tomorrow i will bring them to you early." "why so soon?" "i don't know but um you want to practice together?" "sure what time?" "like 3?" "um can it be more early?" Selena asked. "sure, why?" "oh Logan is going to teach me how to surf. i cant wait!" Selena said excited. "ooh i see, ok so at 12?" "sure!" Selena said. "ok well bye. see you tomorrow." "bye." Selena hanged up. she thought about Logan. she couldn't wait till tomorrow!
created by: celli101

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yuna411 says:

3090 days ago
niceee! and thanks 4 using my "lolena" stamp! ..

TamminSursokfan says:

3105 days ago
cool :)

gishtah88 says:

3107 days ago
it looks like theyre together in the picture

Melina45d says:

3108 days ago
wow just like selena cant wait to c logan i cant wait for the next episode. me gusta mucho. keep it up. 

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