my JEMI evermore series CHP: 5

my JEMI evermore series CHP: 5
"hey Demi , there you ar... oh my gosh, Demi wats wrong!" Kimmy runs up to me and gives me hold me tight. "its..joe.. ughh.."i was crying in her shoulder, we were both on our knees holding eachother tight. "Kimmy, whats takng you so damn long.., Kimmy , baby wats worng" Of course Derek would come cheek on Kimmy since hes so protective of her. "Derek.." Kimmy was crying in my shoulder now. "kimmy why are you cryin?" i ask in a curiuos yet silly tone. she laughs "because your like a sister to me when your in pain, I'm in pain, silly" we both laugh and we pull away from each other."Derek, hey.." Derek smiles at me "you okay?" i nod "um.. i think im gonna go home early i don't feel so good"i stand up with Dereks help "do you want kimmy and me to drop you off at your place?" i shake my head "im good.." i lied and they knew when i was lieing Kimmy looks at me not buying the lie i just told "dems, what happened between you and Joe?" i shake my head "i have to go, k" i walk away and stat joggng towards my car not caring that im ditching school for the very first time in my life!. "ughh..." i start crying when i get into my car. "ughh!" i hit the staeryingwheel i start sobbing on it not caring if anyone hears me. i finally get myself together and start the car, i drive home and see another car outside my house its not Britneys its Joe's. "Joe!"i run towards the car and find a note on it i read it outload "met me at our place" i put the note in my pocket and rdrop my bag on the dirt floor. i run towards the lake. "joe!" i look around and fin d him in the water he was swimming. "joe?" i take my sweater off and shoes.i jump into the frezzeing water "ughh..." its up to my neck. "joe?" i start paddleing to him im to cold to move so much. iv'e been in here for no more then 6 mintues and my feet feel num. i swim up to him and grab him from behind i grab his shoulder . "joe.. ughh" my hands are feelin num now. he turns around now and faces me. "im sorry" i shake my head "it's okay...." he has not shirt on , man does he have muscles. "joe your not cold?" he nods "kind of" he extends his arms and hold me close, all of a sudden i felt warm inside. "come on" he helps me out "where are your shhoes, and your sweater?" i point across thhe lake. "i better get going" i loook at him, terrifed "what no.. plz.." i start crying i tried my best to hold back the tears "i mean if you must...i can't always get in your way" i look down and get back into the water. i start swiming towards where my clothes are. i get out of the water and stand up "hey..'" i look up and see Rone, i panic "um.. i have to go..."i start to shke not because i was frezzeing because i was scared. "nah, i want you to go with a swim with me." i snap "forget it!"i grab my sweater but Rone won't let go of the other end "let go!" i tug on it harder. "stop it, there is no us" he comes closer to me he wraps his arms around my waist and leans in "don.." before i can finish its to late his lips are on mine. "um..." i try pulling away but it was usless.i pull away after 4 cruel mintues. "I hate you!" i grab my shoes and run towards my house but someone blocks my way."who are you?" she walks up to me and slaps me across the face "ughh" i fall to the ground holding my left cheek "what the hell!" i start to whimper,trying to fight back the tears. "I'm Sarah, and back off on my husband okay" i look at her confused "whos your husband?" she strightens herself up "Joe." i stand up "wat?" i turn around because i hear something and see Joe "im sorry" i look at him "im such a retard.." i drop my sewater and shoes and run towards my house, i shut the dorr behind me and run up stairs. i turn the bath tub on and take a bath in warm water. i cried the whole time. motionless
created by: mybabyjon...

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jemi forever [original...karli]
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mileyloverfor... says:

2848 days ago
blingee omfg sooooo pretty lol and kool story but i want hitting and me and me kicking but!

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