Support_Targeted Individuals

Support_Targeted Individuals
I'm so sorry about your dog. I'm not really a animal person but, I know how it feels to get attached to an animal. There were three kittens that were born around my apartment building and everyone started feeding them. One was taken, the other was ran over and killed and there is just one left. She's like 4 months old now and I try to feed her everyday...I'm attached but, that doesn't compare to what you have been through. I think that you should record everything, not just document it. As harsh as it seems, I would have recorded my dog's body and I would definitely record the grave site. If someone asked me "would you grab your camera and record your mother's body"? I would say "hell yeah". If they felt like they could kill your dog and get away with it, you should go "all out" and show the world how confident they were. While I do believe in the occult being used in the influence of nightmare's, I am not sure about demons. I mean, I have come across people who've said that they believe the people who target them have demons inside them but, I don't know...I think that some people have the soul of a snake and that is just it. I have met perpatrators who enjoy what they are doing and I have met people who's eyes have so much pain in them or they don't and they just go to "work" and leave without harassing the target. Some perp's just come to the "assignment" and leave without psychologically tormenting their targets. I started reading some of Revelations and in chapter 2 satan's secrets are mentioned. I believe that when people bring up loves spells, they are talking about something real. I believe that occult knowledge is mixed with Blue Beam Project and that people can curse you and make you have a nightmare. ..."but, cowards, traitors, perverts, murderers, the immoral, those who practice magic, those who wroship idols and all liars...the place for them is the lake of burning fire and sulfur, which is the second death". Rev 21:7 "this calls for endurance on all of God's people" Rev 14:12 "But the rest of you...have not followed this evil teaching; you have not learned what other's call "the deep secrets of satan" Revelations 2:24 In chapter 2, the devil coming to people and having them thrown in prison is mentioned and it also says that our truobles will last ten days and to be faithful until death and the gift of life will be given. It also says that we will not be hurt by the second death. Last night, I watch the History channel and there was a show on about hell and where the idea of hell came from and in many culture's, it was said that there are stages of the after life that people have to go through before they reach eternal life and it amazed me because I have "drawn" picture's on Blingee about people dying and going to heaven but, in my picture's there were bridges to be crossed and some were over fire. In this documentary, the images of hell and the journey that people take after death reminded me of the art work I had done of Blingee and I believe that what I am going through is destiny. I really wish I could remember the name of this show that came on inthe evening last night but, I can't. I know that The Bible has been mixed up and twisted with lie's and truth but, I do believe in God and I think He loves me. Sometimes, I worry because I just do. I'm gay and I have nightmare's of being raped by men or I have nightmare's of being 6 years old and some man just brutally raping me and even in my dream, I wonder if I'm going to be left alive and I think about how the men raping me don't care about how small my body my dreams, I think about the damage being done to my body and how they should be afraid that some doctor will find out. I have dreams of being like a sex kitten on a X pill and then there are the dreams I have of being chased before being raped and I hate those dreams because its like my mind is scrambling and I am thinking so much and I know the person chasing me is right behind me. Sometimes, I get so mad at God, I think He's giving me those dreams because He doesn't want me to be gay....I don't try to interpete the Bible but, I do believe that some of it is true. Revelations scares me and I know that I am not perfect but, I do hope that God knows I am trying to do His will. Sometmes, I wonder about His will and my purpose....I get mad. I pray that nothing is in vain. Anyway, the occult is real. From third eye, conscious travel and love spells. There are things I wouldn't being up because it sounds crazy....I hate it when people tell me not to blog about electronic rape, virtual rape and being assaulted from head to toe but, I have told targets not to mention demons...I don't know why...sometimes, I have felt like love spells were put on me and I felt like the love spells made me soften up on one of my perpetrators who I have blogged about the most...who also does occult things. I have been on the FFCHS board and the women there said their dogs and cats were electronically assaulted with energy weapons so, check there out. Demons are real but focus on that, too. My body is different because the assaults have hurt my step mom more than they hurt me. Your dog was 14 years old....there is an older woman who was assaulted on her forehead the same way I am and it made her brain brain could've bled, but it hasn't. Your dog couldn't stand that type of torture. I'm so sorry. And as far as that meeting on your job goes.....way to go. I mean, I would love it if they bastards around me confirmed that they see my channel. I am so sick of cowards. I feel like I'll never get a job because the people who are in charge like managers, they don't like it when you're not suicidal and they don't like it when you're not intimidated by they harassing you and mobbing you. That's why I lost my last job after a week of working. Peace Blessings and Prayers
created by: aliceiris711

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dgallemani says:

3743 days ago
Wow!  Beautiful and powerful Alice.. 5*

aliceiris711 says:

3743 days ago
This is my response to a target who lost his dog to energy weapons/electronic assaults

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