captive orca profiles 52 taima

captive orca profiles 52 taima
Taima is another orca that demonstrates everything that is wrong with Seaworld. Her life was as upsetting as her death. Taima was a female orca who was born at SeaWorld Orlando on July 11, 1989. Her mother is Gudrun and her father is Kanduke. At the young age of 9. Taima gave birth to her first calf, a son named Sumar on May 14, 1998. Meaning she was pregnant at 7 and a half. Taima was a good mother up until a few months after Sumar's birth. She attacked him and the two were separated. After the attack, Taima also was not allowed to perform waterworks again though she had never shown aggression towards a trainer and Sumar was moved to another park. Though she had not done well with Sumar, she remained with her close companion Tilikum and soon got pregnant by him again. She gave birth to her second son on November 8, 2000 and he was named Tekoa. Taima was a good mother to him the first few months, but again showed aggression towards her calf. After they were separated, Tekoa was mothered by Taima's best friend Kalina. Seaworld believed that Taima was a bad mother and she was put on birth control, the reality was more simple than that. Seaworld breeding programs simply replenish the population of imprisoned killer whales, they have no conservation value as if that was the case the newborns would be released back into the wild or moved to a sea pen whilst their mother was rehabilitated so they could move off together as a family unit pod. Captured orcas cost a lot of money, so this was a cheaper option to fill their tanks, SeaWorld’s bottom line is to profit financially by using killer whales to entertain the public, not to protect wild killer whales and their habitats. Back to the reason for Taima's behaviour. It is common knowledge that orca learn all the need from their mothers, as the breeding programme was moving so fast not long after Taima was born, her mother gave birth to Nyar. Nyar was sick and Gudrun tried to drown her many times. Taima would have witnessed this behaviour and probably did not know it was wrong. Taima remained with Tilikum over the years and it wasn't until late 2005 that she became pregnant again. She gave birth to her 3rd calf and first daughter on March 12, 2007 and she was named Malia. With Malia, Taima did a much better job. She took very good care of her daughter. To help raise the newborn Taima was put in with Takara to give her some experience, this worked out well until 2008 when Taima didn't want to leave her and refused to perform. To solve the lack of performance Seaworld seperated Taima and Malia and Taima was put with the other females in the park. When they deemed she had 'calmed down' enough she was reunited with Malia, she couldn't disrupt the show!! In late 2008 it was announced that Taima was pregnant again by Tilikum and on June 6, 2010, Taima went into labor with her fourth calf. It is unknown if she delivered the calf but later that day she passed away from complications. Symptoms show she suffered from a condition known as Placenta Previa. This can cause hemorrhaging and miscarriages. The placenta attaches itself to the uterine wall covering or near the cervix and will usually cause bleeding and other complications. Taima was closest to Tilikum and Kalina. Kalina often assisted Taima with Malia and also assisted her when she gave birth to Tekoa. It seems ironic that she died the same way as her mother and it begs the question of had this birth not claimed her sad life, how much longer would Seaworld have carried on breeding with her, as it seems that was her only importance to them. I also find it very sad than since poor Taima died there are youtube video's posts, blogs etc all saying I miss Taima, I love Taima and so on, they grieve as if she was a part of their family, how did they get there without looking at how she died? Orca are my favourite thing on the whole planet, I think Taima's death is very tragic, I think it should never have happened and I think her life as a breeder is very sad and so removed from what her life in the wild would have been like compared to a similar aged orca. When members of my family have died I want to know every small detail to see if it was natural or was someone to blame and I don't understand why all those showing grief for Taima on the internet do not do the same. I BLAME SEAWORLD FOR THE DEATH OF TAIMA, her uterus was much to young to start having babies, she was not allowed any breathing space inbetween pregnancies, no regard was shown to her when Nyar was sick, no regard was shown to her when her mother died, no regard was shown to her when she refused to perform. It is about time those that ''love'' her show that and see her captors for exactly what they are, Taiji fishermen in fancier wetsuits. I HOPE ALL YOU GET BRUNED ALIVE AND ARE WAY BEYOND OVERKILLED IF YOU STILL LIKE SEAWORLD AFTER THIS AND WHEN THAT happens I WILL BE CRYING TEARS OF JOY AND laughing SO HARD I WILL PASS OUT I WILL NEVER REGERT SAYING THIS YOU SEAWORLD FANS WANT TO FIGHT WITH ME GOOD I WILL BE HAPPY TO OWN YOU SO VERY HARD I NEVER BACK DOWN IN FIGHTS NEVER GIVE UP IN FIGHTS AND NEVER BLOCK
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