Mysterious Islands- Episode 4

Mysterious Islands- Episode 4
Will You Forgive Me?- (in the morning) Sel: Tay, can I talk to you alone? You too Vic. Tay: I'm not talking to you. Sel: Taylor do you mind? Taylor: Yea I'll leave. (Taylor walks out) Sel: Vic, Tay,I'm soo sorryy. He asked me out before you asked him Tay. Tay: Why didn't you just tell me he was taken then? You don't keep secrets from friends and this was a big one. I feel like a fool for asking him out. You embarrassed me! Sel: I'm so sorryy. I'm not even gonna date him on the island. Do you think it would be ok if I did when we got off the island. Tay: Yea, I guess... I got my eye on his co-star, Kellan Lutz anyway. Sel: Cool. Vic? Vic: I guess... but no more sneeking off. Remember you guys are over until we get off the island. Sel: I have to go talk to Taylor now. (walks out) Taylor: How did that all work out? Are you ok? (hugs sel) (sel pulls away) Sel: Taylor, I really hurt them. I told them that there would be no "us" until after we got off the island... ok? And there serious. So am I. Do you promise you'll wait? Taylor: Promise. Sel: Ok... Taylor: But what if it is years before we get off this island... I can't wait Sel! I luv you! Sel: No acceptions! Haha.. C'mon this is hard for me too.. Please wait.. for me? Taylor: Ok fine, for you. (2 days later Vic, sel, and tay com back from picking firewood. Sel and tay go into the tent and taylor gets the wood from Vic. Vic thinks they are alone now) Vic: Taylor I.... Your... I... It's just.... Ummm.... (kisses taylor) (taylor trys to pull away and sel and tay come out of the tent) Tay: Oh my god. (runs into the deep woods) Sel: (crying) How could you? Taylor: (pulls away) Sel, wait I didn't... She.. but.. WAIT! (runs after them) Vic: Taylor wait were alone for real now. (taylor grabs sel's arm) Taylor: Stop she kissed me. Don't you believe me! Sel: I wish I could. (sel pulls away and runs after tay) (taylor sits son a log all depressed) (tay and sel come back, tay continues to the camp and sel sits beside taylor) Sel: ''Do you think of me?'' Taylor: ''No'' Sel: ''Do you like me?'' Taylor: ''No'' Sel: ''Do you want me?'' Taylor: ''No'' Sel: ''Would you cry if I left?'' Taylor: ''No'' Sel: ''Would you live 4 me?'' Taylor: ''No'' Sel: ''Would you do anything for me?'' Taylor: ''No'' Sel: ''Pick-me or your life'' Taylor: ''Mine'' *Sel runs away crying* *taylor runs after her,grabs her hand and says...* ''I never think of you because your always on my mind I don't like you because I LOVE you I don't want you, I NEED you I wouldn't cry if you left, I'd die if you left I wouldn't live for you, I'd die for you I'm not going to do anything for you, I'd do everything for you I chose my life because you are my life I love you MORE than anything, you are MY everything! I LOVE YOU BABY! *he holds on to her tight and kisses her* Sel: You know your breaking the rules. Taylor: Right now I don't care. The rules aren't totally working out for me. Sel: Me either I'll talk to the girls tomorrow.
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forevergirls2 says:

4236 days ago
I love this one.

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