Ho! Ho! Ho

Ho! Ho! Ho

Bling Gothic Noel

Aller cranes, bonnet rouge, sanglant ou pas, tant qu'ils ne sont pas trop joyeux!
Feuilles mort ou neige, noir ou clair. 
Que papa Noël face dresser les cheveux sur la tête!

Qu'une seule règle: 
Pas plus de 9 timbres, sinon élimination!

Bling Gothic Christmas

Go skulls, red cap, bloody or not.
As long as they are not too happy!
Leaves dead or snow, black or clear, that Santa Claus face stand up on his hair!

That only one rule:
No more than 9 stamps, otherwise elimination.

  • Status: Voting
  • Time Left: 1 day
  • Who can vote: Only entrants
  • Qualified Blingees: Only new Blingees
  • Max entries per user: 2
  • Number of entries: 18
  • Created by: Dillon19976