postcards being denied and wrong category!

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posted: 3365 days ago
I'm really confused how certain blings are not admitted to the correct category in postcards.  exp I put this in vintage and it was marked "wrong category-vintage"

this has happened more than once and not just to me. 
posted: 3365 days ago
I know sis, this has been an adventure.  I think each moderator has a different opinion, and i dont know how we are going to please all of them.

For instance.....
I love Lucy, wrong category for vintage and wrong category for TV.... so where should it go, lol
AND. . . .I put a blingee in the thursday category...........
On the blingee in big text it said "HAPPY THURSDAY" and it was denied/wrong category :(

The category meter does not show that it is full.  Thursday blings are not that popular, so the info that i have received in the past about some being rejected due to the category metor showed almost full, cant be the thing.... so i am still confused :/

Does it mean that your blingee must say the word "VINTAGE" on it????? I dont really get it, not thoroughly!
posted: 3364 days ago
I couldnt find the other forum about postcards, it had a lot of info in it, so sorry!

I think Deb .....can help, she has more info on this & I think she also moderates postcards, plus she is a sweetheart and always willing to help :)

posted: 3364 days ago
@ granny97: Hi Robin, I checked out that link that you tried to enter into postcards....I don't know why it didn't make it into "vintage".  It SHOULD have!  Unfotunately I didn't come across that or else I would have accepted it.

@ bigdaddyweakly: Thank you Anna for bringing this to my attention.  When I read your thread about having your "Happy Thursday" blingee rejected as "wrong category" for "THURSDAY" I was a bit upset!!  I too have had this same sort of thing happen to me!  

The only explanation that I can come up with is that some of the moderators who have the PRIVILEDGE of moderating postcards are not really paying all that much attention to what they're doing!!!!
I think something needs to be done about this because I'm seeing more & more complaints such as Robin's & yours.
The only thing that I can tell you & Robin and others is to keep putting them back into those categories.  
Now I know that "repetitive" blingees won't get excepted.  For example:  Let's say you made 10 blingees of the same picture such as a dog.  And then you tried to put them all in the category under "dogs".  Most likley they won't get accepted.
Oh, and Anna, I saw your question about putting the word "vintage" on the blingee to get accepted under "vintage".  That won't work either.  I myself have seen such blingees and that particular blingee had nothing to do with vintage.  For example:  If someone made a "Miley" blingee and slapped the word "vintage" on it then obviously it's not going to get accepted.  Of course if you have the word "vintage" on a true vintage blingee then of course it will....oh wait....It SHOULD get accepted.

Here's the link to that "Postcard" forum you were looking for:
posted: 3364 days ago
I wasn't sure if I was running out of room on my last response so here's part 2 of that conversation:

I think there's still people on here who are treating the postcards like they do with the regular competitions.  And as you already know people add WHATEVER they want to ANY of the comps!  Also, I think people are under the impression that every single one of their "10 rating" blingees are going to make it into whatever 2 categories they choose.  As I've said before, not all blingees will make it into the 2 catgories that are picked.
Let me give a good example of this....Let's pick "Christmas". Now when I was moderating "Christmas" postcards I would see that the person also entered it under "winter".
Well if it says "Merry Christmas" then it goes in "Christmas" not "winter".  When people are looking for "winter" postcards they're looking for something to do with snow.  Like maybe someone building a snowman.  Or maybe something to do with a beautiful winter scenery.
Well then, I sincerely hope this information helps.  And please, if there's anything else I can do to help don't hesitate to comment me ♥
posted: 3364 days ago
Awww Deb, You are such a sweetheart <3 Thank you so much for finding the other forum link.  Robin just got her new computer and had been offline since b4 the holidays and had missed some of the things that were happening. The old forum will surely give her some info that will help her.

Even though its frustrating i think we just need to be patient as any "new" procedures take time to work out the kinks. I know the Bteam is working on it, and we will see improvements each and every week.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, and TY Bteam! I was so excited to see the Happy Anniversary category, yayyyyyy
posted: 3364 days ago
Thanks Deb and AnnaMaria!  I appreciate the help.  Yes a lot of great things are happening in Blingeeland!!  Thanks Blingee Team!!
I will be patient I just was really confused lol  

and yes Anniversary is a must need for postcards  thanks 
BT!!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
posted: 3364 days ago
You are both quite welcome :-)  Let me know if I can help with anything else ;-)
posted: 3362 days ago
oh i'll not start to complain about the postcards, i'm realy sick of it, just a reminder for BT to update the happy anniversary postcards (there's been 11 days since the last update) , thanks ♥

ooh and just a thought , how about special moderators only for postcards ( u know, they get to moderate only and only postcards ) , Deb aka guardian06 is my first choice ;o)
posted: 3361 days ago
 Yea, me too!!  I'm sure a moderators job is not easy and maybe there are guidelines they have to follow..  I have some Postcards that I have bounced around from category to category, and still not placed.  I am so confused!  The
ones I have the most problems with are the ones relating to GOD..  There should be a category for Religion, any religion. I have even submitted them under Culture "Other", wrong category.  I have some cards that have been submitted 61 days ago and still waiting... 

I believe Blingee is really growing, which makes it hard for moderators to keep up.  I agree with allicee, maybe there should be a Special Moderator for Postcards.  And,
how about some guidelines & notices when submittimg postcards.  If a postcard is NOT gonna post, then have a rejected category.  Simply notify us REJECTED, it stops the frustration of trying to figure out where to place it.

Reading your comments has helped me alot in
understanding a little bit about Postcard entries.
Thanks So Much..
posted: 3361 days ago
@ allicee:  You are so dear! Thank you for that very kind vote of confidence ♥  

@ bobbi053:  As for your "God" blingees not being accepted under "culture" should have been.  And I agree with you, it would be easier if "religion" could be added to the postcards.  Maybe in the near future we might see it.  For the time being though, I would keep entering your "religious" blingees under "culture".  Unfortunately the moderating process isn't perfect.  So every now and again I'm sure there will be some mistakes.  
I think before long BT will have all the "kinks" worked out.  Until then please be patient :-)  
posted: 3358 days ago
I think that probably would help to have just "postcard moderators"  oh well, Blingee still rocks!!!♥
posted: 3323 days ago
I have a QUESTION about the postcards which I have not gotten use to yet.

I have a blingee, it's a fathers day or family blingee of Will Smith's Family. 

 I have been entering it since last year and it hasn't gotten accepted yet. It clearly has a father's day stamp on it and I put the text of "The Smith Family" on it. Some please tell why????

Hmmm.... Father's Day - Family???? Shouldn't it go there??

Also I have some blingee's of Mexican/or Latino Singer such as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Wisin Y Yandel to name a few and I've tried to enter them in Mexico but they were not accepted.
Ok.. Ok.. I understand For that Category the blingee should have the colors of the Flag. But they are of that race.

And all these blingee's are also gangster tell me why are they NOT accepted there??

Shouldn't BLINGEE have a Latino Category or something because these people are Singers and they don't get accepted in music ether???? That's 3 Categories music ,Mexico ,Gangster.
posted: 3280 days ago
I am still having problems getting postcards entered too.  I have some that are in the CORRECT AND OBVIOUS CATEGORY AND THEN ARE REJECTED.  
Is there a "special group" of people that get their postcards entered?????   I have some some in for months AWAITING MODERATION.  How long does this take????????????

Very disappointed how some people are earnging stamps like crazy for postcards and other's can't get theirs accepted.

Please Please correct this situaion Blingee Team.  I have been here for a couple years and try to do everything I can to keep this site going and clean as a moderator myself.  

Where are the postcard moderators? 

I would be more than happy to do that for Blingeeland.

posted: 3280 days ago
You can see for yourself If you would like to observe.

*Notice I'm awaiting moderation from 106 days ago!!!!!
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