Artistic blingee group

Artistic blingee group

This is a group 4 the lovers of artistics blingees... Come on!! U can make part of it!

  • Founder: cotto_e_f...
  • Number of Members: 248
  • Number of Blingees: 9947
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____$$$$$$$$$$$$__ ._____.___$$$$$$$$$$$$ .____
____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,, '.__,'_$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 
_____,,$$$$$$$$$$$$$* @ *$$$$$$$$$$$$... _____
____*$$$$$$$$$$$$$*_@@_*$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ____
___,,*$$$$$$$$$$$$$__.@.__*$$$$$$$$$$$$$.. ___
______,,$*$,$$**'___________'***$$***,, ____
____,,**__ '_.*_________________*____** 

Benvenuti a tt!! Qst gruppo è x qll ke km me... cotto_e_fontina ...  sn amanti del blingee artistico. Qnd deciderete d entrare nel gruppo... dovrete condividere almeno 2 dei vostri blingee.. ok?? saluti!

Bienvenue à tous! Ce groupe est pour ceux qui comme moi ... cotto_e_fontina ...  sont amateurs du blingee d' art. Lorsque vous décidez de rejoindre le groupe ... ll faut partager au moins 2 de votre blingee .. OK? salut!

Welcome to all! This group is for those who like me ... cotto_e_fontina ... are lovers of artistic blingees. When you decide to join the group ... ll have to share at least 2 of your blingee .. ok? greetings!

Bienvenidos a todos! Este grupo es para aquellos que como yo ... cotto_e_fontina ...  son amantes del blingee artístico. Cuando usted decide formar parte del grupo ... 'll tiene que compartir al menos 2 de su blingee .. OK? saludos!

Willkommen an alle! Diese Gruppe ist für diejenigen, die wie ich ... cotto_e_fontina ... sind die Liebhaber der künstlerischen blingees. Wenn Sie sich entschließen, Mitglied der Gruppe ... ll teilen müssen mindestens 2 Ihrer blingee .. OK? Grüße!

This group is multi - languages ... add the signs in any language you want!
1st co-manager: auntpete 
2nd co-manager: crustybee
3rd co-manager: Marie Papillon 

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