Perverts On Blingee

posted: 2460 days ago
If you're online on a site for children, teens and adults asking for sex, you should just take a gun and blow your pussy off.

The same person asking for sex posted a picture here saying "fuck me hard" and its just pathetic, disgusting and it was reported. 

Think about the police officers who play the hero in ABC's 20/20 who steal the picture of a young woman JUST to pretend to be a young girl wanting sex from a younger man 21 and up. There are men in fusion centers pain by The White House who'll ask a group of women "Who's online now?" and "what color panties are you wearing?"

Don't fall for it. Blast perverted weirdo's online! 
posted: 2459 days ago
Ok, sorry for the "go kill yourself bitch" post but, I made a picture dedicated to my nephew here and this fucking freak put "fuck me hard" next to it. 

Seriously though when you beg for sex online your life is worthless...I usually don't suggest blowing your head off. Excuse me


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