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Whens your B-day =D
started by: sasukeandnekikun
309 ToadetteQ...
314 days ago
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who has a youtube acount lol
started by: sasukeandnekikun
136 blauefee1976
437 days ago
Talk To People Here XD
started by: DangoDango
2 japanfan1...
24 days ago
Prettiest Anime Girl?
started by: kels95
20 dulceamor2
29 days ago
is Anime fiction?
started by: B-Kismat
6 haileyjune8
60 days ago
attack on titan
started by: themegalipton
4 xAkioLeon...
63 days ago
Magst du Contests?
started by: IamFaye
5 FrozenNight
106 days ago
Did anyone go to A-Fest?
started by: BlackButler101
1 BlackButl...
159 days ago
started by: BlackButler101
1 BlackButl...
161 days ago
Whos your favourite Anime girl?
started by: TecnaTimmy
84 VelvetVal...
171 days ago
What's your favorite anime quote?
started by: Strawberry-ch...
6 themegali...
173 days ago
hi everyone
started by: spirit1992
2 japanfan1...
195 days ago
What got you into anime/manga? :D
started by: raveXknight
14 cass62599
236 days ago
Do you think Ichigo likes Rukia or Orihime from Bleach?
started by: Strawberry-ch...
1 Strawberr...
345 days ago
School Friends
started by: AnimePokeDragon
4 Lonewolf101
352 days ago
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