NEW 7/2010 ~The RULES and INFO to use when you WIN a challenge

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posted: 5051 days ago
Please READ this THOROUGHLY AND SIGN BELOW that you understand, or if you have any questions.
Below is a NEW STEP-BY-STEP process that EACH and EVERY Member of PDB MUST do when they win a challenge.
REMINDER** The winners completely RUN THEIR OWN WEEKS CHALLENGE. I would like for BOTH of the winners to work together each & every week!

When u win a challenge, you have the honor of choosing a new challenge for the group :)
Open a new forum & name the topic/example
NEW "COLOR" Chalenge ~ Black & green
In the forum you will write what the new challenge is and include any details.Same thing for the NEW "THEME" challenge.

You copy the URL link at the top of the page
& send it to ALL the PDB Members letting them know of your new challenge. There is an ACTIVE MEMBERS COMMENT LINK Forum that makes it a breeze to send out messages for challenges.
I keep this list clean, add new members,delete for members that have become INactive after approx 30-60 dys. To make it fast n easy for us.

EACH & EVERY Saturday approx Noon Pacific Time (give or take a cpl hours when necessary)
..... The winners will open a new forum topic called.....
In the forum, you will copy & past the LINK TO "VIEW NEW BLINGEES" this one..., thensave the forum and everyone will begin voting! WITH NO MESSAGES SENT!! ****THEN, on Monday approx Noon pacific, give or take a cpl hours**** PLEASE tally the votes, open a forum for both winners & notify the new winners to take over the next week.
FYI >>>> This is where BOTH winners work together... If you know u will not be avail on Saturday to do this, you MUST.. MUST...ask the other winning member of that week FIRST, if they can help you.  I woud just like to see whoever shows up out of the 2 winners, to start voting time for "BOTH CHALLENGES", sure makes it easier for all of us.

*******Below is part of the NEW change********
Since PDB for over 3 years ALWAYS votes on SATURDAY Noon through MONDAY Noon, we will NO LONGER be sending Messages with the Voting Time link to all the members.  EVERY1 will be RESPONSIBLE for coming to vote on their own.  Which shouldnt be a problem, since PDB runs consistant each & every week. Same days, same times!
posted: 5051 days ago
On Monday approx Noon Pacific Time, you will tally/add the votes and post a NEW forum topic that says.. AND THE WINNERS ARE, & inside this forum you place the URL link to the winning blingee and the name of the artist who won :)
Copy this New Winners link & paste it to the Winning members page letting them know the good news.

Your done :)
The next winners of that week, take control & we run smooth as a whistle.


***If you need help, have a question and the other WINNER cannot not help u, please let Robin/granny97 & Anna/bigdaddyweakley know ahead of time and we will ALWAYS try to help you.

PS If you dont let the other winner know, or let the managers know that you need help.... Than how will we know?  We, as managers might not get on blingee that day to even see that the voting hasnt been started or the votes havnt been tallied yet? We might have personal or family plans ourselves. So we wont know to help, if you dont ask, see what i mean??

So with respect to our entire PDB family if there is a member that continues to not follow thru with their weeks winning challenge please feel free to delete yourself from the group.

This is out of respect for everyone in our PDB family. No one should have to babysit an adult group activity, Yes, there are always things that happen once in awhile, we are just saying that if you cant keep up with your responsibilities of the group, and you drop the ball numerous times or on a consistant basis WITHOUT even letting someone know u need help, please don't play here. Cuz we cant help if u dont ask, thx

This group is a family, we work very hard together to run this group smoothly for the enjoyment of blingees for everyone.  We all genuinely care from our hearts about eachother and try to keep the love and consideration of everyone at all times.  

In our opinion thats what makes being a member of PDB very very Special. Big Hugzzzzzz Anna & Robin
posted: 5051 days ago
PSS.... For the members that ALWAYS ask for help in advance, from the other winner or managers or even another PDB family member already..........  WE THANK YOU SO MUCH!! xoxo
posted: 5051 days ago
i have read and understand the new rules and information for when you win a challange. 
posted: 5051 days ago
I read it and understand. It is much easier to vote when they are combined.
posted: 5051 days ago
Read and understood
posted: 5051 days ago
Read and understood. Thank you Robin and Anna for all your hard work as managers too!! PDB is the bestest!! ; )
posted: 5051 days ago
Aww thx Denise, but it wouldnt be the bestest without you and all of our awesome friends here.
posted: 5051 days ago
posted: 5051 days ago
Read & of course agree and understood:-) I want to thank you both for keeping the PDB sooo alive! It's a real pleasure to be a part of this awesome circle of fairies friends! Love you! xoxo
posted: 5051 days ago
I read it and i understand it.
posted: 5051 days ago
I read it and understand it and I'm sorry Anna for not being able to close my color challenge this time but I'm going to try to do my best monday and announce the winner(hopefully I do it correctly cause it's my 1st try).
posted: 5051 days ago
Read and understood. Thanks so much Anna for all of your help and Granny for always being there if I need you. My hardest problem is f I win I can't close the voting on Mondays since I'm at work. Anna or Granny is always there to help me and I really appreciate it! Thank you to all the members who help keep this group fantastic and wonderful! We have an awesome group and I hope this never changes! From now on, if I win, I will ask the other winner to help first. I hope this never poses a problem. Take care all and have a great Sunday!! 
posted: 5050 days ago
Read and understood. Thank you Robin and Anna!!!
posted: 5050 days ago
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