''MY LIFE'' by sad-4-ever

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iam writting a story called MY LIFE 
Characters: Rosie, Jordan, Katie, Jenn, Jay, lil L T, Jake, Antonyo, Shawn, lola, markez, Izzy, Ed, Jimie, Samantha, Selena, miley, Demi, Taylor, Rob, Mandy, Casey, Erica, Stepine, Sky, Alen, Brandon, Zac, Dilon, Devon, Emmitte,nick, joe,kavin,sophia, and dani ITS ABOUT A TEENAGE GIRL FACING LIFE AS IT GETS HARDER NO MATTER WHAT SHE DOES SHE CAN'T GET A BETTER REPUATION READ TO FIND OUT ABOUT HER EXPERRIANCE AND ADVENTURES IN LIFE PLEASE JOIN MY GROUP:MY LIFE:ITS FOR FANS OF MY STORY FOR ANY MORE INFO GO TO MY PROFILE AND LEAVE ME A COMMENT ask your friends on blingee if they want to be a part of my story and let everyone know you are a part of my story if you want to be some one not on my list please say so 
this means alot to me 

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