Singing Luvers! <3

Singing Luvers! <3

If U luv singing, then go ahead and join this group! U don't need 2 have a special voice 2 sing, and this group will be perfect if U join! Go ahead and tell ur friends about this group!<333333333333333333333333

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Hey Guys! Welcome to the official group, Singing Luvers <3! As u can see, this group is 4 people who Luv 2 sing! Remember, u don't need to have the over-the-top voice just 2 join this group! This group is 4 people who luv singing, write songs, and of course luv music! Make sure to tell all of ur friends about this group!
Singing Luvers <3 RULES:

1. Do not insult this group! 'Cuz U don't want anyone to mess with ur groups!

2. Add a blingee that has something to do with music, singing, your fave singer, and yourself if u want!

3. No singing haters! I mean why would a singing hater join a singing luver group!

4. Spread the word about this group!

5. Have fun and Rock on!

Send and invite 2 me!


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Why Do Love Music?
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Favorite Singer(s)?
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fav band[s]!!!!
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classic,r n b,pop,jazz
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