Sonic Fan Characters!!

Sonic Fan Characters!!

I just think its kinda fun to make them, and they do look cool when your all done! so join 2 day and post you faveorite character!!! but also u can just post a origanal sonic character, andthing works really lol.

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hey!!!! Welcome to the Sonic Fan char. page! i would love for you to join! Just post anything! i dont care if it doesnt look good to you or me, I'll put it up any ways :D    I'll repect all your pictures!  and PS: and regular sonic char is OK to post to, just for the heck of it :D

RECENT NEWS. <updated on feb. 15, 2009>

NEWS FOR CHANGE OF CLUB:  please look at fourm topics for news on a new feture were adding (not an OMG YESS!! jump off wall feature, but fun  iguess) please check it out and tell me what u think so i can accept it depending on how many people like/dislike it!

PS:::::: Post as much as u like!! even if u have 100!!!!!!!

 `·.Fan char.s rule!

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