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I have recently updated, and have added this forum to help with any questions, or suggestions you may have. 



      questions or suggestions?

      preguntas o sugerencias?

      perguntas ou sugestões?

      des questions ou suggestions?

      domande o suggerimenti?

      Fragen oder Anregungen?

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I hope you don't restrict style too much. I myself am not into making a specific style with matching scrap sets. I LOVE to make something that looks like an old scrapbook loaded with memories, jewels, glued on things, and a little sloppy, which resemble a real scrapbook rather than a perfect greeting card of matching scraps. And then, maybe a funny little puppy at the bottom etc but all "A SCRAPBOOK". I see you have posts that are not sscrapooks at all.   :D  Jane
****personally I've grown weary of groups because I want to see other people things on a topic....and I get a 'headach' when i come to the page.
Also, if there is a Challenge would you specify if it is a scrap land Group Challenge. (on the page for ALL  Blingee Challenges) I get a little confused between an open Challenge VS scrapland Group challenges.

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❀ڰۣ-~ Hi Jane, the only restriction we have in Scrapland 
is the 'No Movement' rule.  

No animation... 
no glimmer, shimmer, sparkle, or moving images. 

I've implemented the 'No Movement' rule to hopefully get 
a more scrappier look on our future scrap entries.

Overlapping, layering, tidy or messy, the design of the scrap is all up to you. 

The use of lace, buttons, trimmings, etc. will beautifully enhance the scrap look. 

Anything goes, as long as there is no movement on your scrap entry.

                 .................. ⊱♥⊰ ..................

When I send a link for a Scrapland challenge, the name SCRAPLAND will always be on top, followed by the invite & link below.


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