URGENT PROBLEM! please help me!

posted: 2395 days ago
my best friend's boyfriend is cheating on her..
the problem is that i'm the one who's flirting with! i don't like him AT ALL and i would never think of hurting my BFF!
he's a BIG FAT JERK but my friend ADORES HIM so much!!! she would have a shock if i told her,, and if i tried to tell her in a simple way she would believe "him",, cuz she trusts him more than anyone.. 
i feel terrible and i need help,, wht should i do??! :|

posted: 2365 days ago
It simply ,if no one knows no one hurt.  I think that your relationship will not last forever and if you're a good friend of her you'll never tell 
posted: 2326 days ago
Tell him you don't like him, and to please stop flirting, ect. with you. 
posted: 2295 days ago
Tell your friend. And if she doesn't believe you because she trusts him and tells you that you're lying, then she's not a real friend. Tell her that.
posted: 2208 days ago
I'd tell her, I wouldn't want to be dating a dude who flirts with my friends.
posted: 2203 days ago
You should become bi(lez) cause girls are nicer and sexier

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