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A group where people who read the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson can come share their own Maximum Ride blingee creations with others who read the same book.

  • Founder: Candibandi
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  • Number of Blingees: 16
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Heyy! My name is Candice and I am the founder of the group Max Ride. It was going to be called Maximum Ride but it said 'Name already taken' so I couldn't do that unfortunately...sorry! Anyway, If you want to know a little bit about me before joining this group then here you go:
eye color: blue
favorite color: shades of blue
favorite resturant/fast food: Taco Bell
Hobbies: I love to play soccer and am always up for a challenge. I am an expert in math as long as I know how to do it, I love to hang with friends, listen to music, be active, and definatley (exagurating on definately) LOVE TO READ! 
Favorite Book: Obviously, Maximum Ride

Okay, I hope that is enough for you right now...Just to let you know, I will be hosting contests hopefully every week. All you have to do is either upload your blingee to the group, or make a forum with your blingee's web address link in it. There will be 3 winners. First place will get their blingee as the group's icon plus a Recommendation somewhere below...Second place will get a Recommendation plus a forum dedicated to them. Third place will also get a Recommendation. All winners blingee's will have their link somewhere in this info below. I would give out better prizes but what else can you do on a computer? 


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