Aye! dis iz da plac3 fo ghettoz, gangstaz, swaggz, and blah blah blah join if u wanna no hataz and mezzin widd our jokk aint da best idea... so yeaa...

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Aye diz is da shidd so join diz group if u wanna! :)
V datz to da hataz!
Brick wall
dont chu think u got it all 
but u don't
we do 
so boom wid dat attitude 
peace punch captain crunch
we got sumthin u can't touch 
bang bang choo choo train 
wind us up while we do ourr thang 
reeses pieeses 7up 
Mess wid us we mess you up 
elbow elbow
wrist wrist 
Cry now hata
SO yeaa upload ur pics so dey can be default cuz we got 0 hah... so yeahhh.

0h no lam3 peepz cuz w3 will n0t accept u! n0n3 of d3m hat4z e3th@! 

W3 0uut! peace! Mwah! :)
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Aye luv y@ hataz!
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