What matters in Games?

posted: 2445 days ago
When it comes to new video games coming out what matters the most?


For me its mainly Gameplay and Story!
If a game has a boring or no story at all then I lose interest, and gameplay is a must cause if a game has wonky controls forget it I'm not gonna even finish or even play it. 
posted: 2444 days ago
Yes Story & Gameplay are important to me too, well I dont mind some nice Graphics too :p
posted: 2438 days ago
yup...story and gameplay :3 i love addictive gameplay (like Tekken or DOA xD) and i love a good storyline with interesting characters :D
posted: 2436 days ago
Well I would have to say all of the above, well except Graphics, not really an issue to me.

All games for me HAVE to have either, an interesting ORIGINAL story, some games companies are getting lazy & are not giving out so many original ideas, sucks really. Yes Gameplay IS A MUST! If controls dont work properly how do you enjoy the game? Character YES OH got yes sometimes the only thing good is the character(s) If a game has un-interesting characters well I get bored with them & the game as well. And I guess some really nice Graphics would be nice, but I am not a graphic whore X) 
posted: 2432 days ago
The most important thing is Gameplay, I HATE when someone says "Oh the most important thing is graphics!" Like no, you can play games like Minecraft which have old graphics & its still really fun!
posted: 1617 days ago
For me the most important things about video games are the story and gameplay. I think it's a bonus if there's interesting and likeable characters and a great soundtrack is always nice, too. ^^

I don't think graphics are important, most of my favorite video games are very old and in the past when people have asked me what my most favorite video game is and I say the original Final Fantasy VII they seem very surprised and some of them have given me strange looks, I don't know if it's because it's a very old game (they think it's got bad graphics) or because it's VERY popular (they think it's over-rated)... But I don't care what they think, I like what I like, I'm not hurting anyone and that's all that matters.

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