Michael r.i.p. ~ Autopsy says Homicide! (serious)

posted: 3947 days ago
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Dr Conrad Murray has now been charged with MANSLAUGHTER. The police continue to raid his offices and homes looking for evidence. Manslaughter charges indicate that they've found a lot already. The Jackson familys lawyers are seeking grounds to charge dr murray with Murder. -------------Autopsy has shown that michaels body was MOVED some time after he had already past away. Was this when Dr Murray began cpr in the lawyers bedroom? Where did Michael pass away??--Also Murray said he was gone 7 minutes after injecting Michael with the final drug and seeing him fall asleep. BUT phone records indicate that dr. murray was on the phone calling people for 45 minutes during that time. None of those people knew anything or were asked for help. Murray then returned to Michael and began to perform C.P.R. (to bring Michael back) after he says he noticed Michael was not breathing. Dr. Murray specializes in Cardiology (heart) HOWEVER he performed CPR on Michael for 30 minutes on the BED. Anyone trained in simple CPR (including lifeguards etc) KNOW that the human body must be placed on a hard/flat surface. Dr. Murray did not at anytime place Michael on the floor. Dr Murray has also said that he went to go and get Michaels son (Michael 1st (prince) to show him that he was trying to bring his father back to life with CPR... NO ONE STOPS CPR to find someone to show them what they are doing! CPR must always be Constant! ...After about 25 of the 30 minutes of bad CPR performed, Dr. Murray finally called 911 and reported that he had "just" walked into the bedroom and saw that someone was not breathing and needed help. The operator told him to not stop CPR for any reason and that help was on its way...
posted: 3947 days ago
--Please notice that the coroners who did the 2 autopsies, have found Evidence medically that Michaels body was Moved AFTER he passed away. They dispute the time of death & do not agree with Dr Murray's time of death. The ambulance came but Michael was already gone at time of arrival. They did all that they could to bring him back-unsuccessfully. The coroners also found evidence of drug doses that did not make any sense. Note that Michael was typically injected with medicine he trusted the doctors to give him. Dr. Murray lived in the Jackson home preparing to stay with Michael through his upcoming Tour. Michael was typically injected and it seems he trusted Murray. BUT when injected with medicine and not taking it in pill form on your own you cant be sure what is in the injection or how much. You are TRUSTING the doctor with your life. --The coroners autopsy was done 2 times to be absolutely sure that these medicines were correct -they were- The doctors who did the autopsy do not understand the doses/mixtures of medicines. SO MUCH SO that they have no other choice but to remain certain that this was HOMICIDE/murder and not accidental. The official cause of death on his certificate is now homicide..
posted: 3947 days ago
Murray is a Medical Doctor whos father was also a medical doctor. He has much experience with the drug propolphol that finally induced deep sleep in Michael. BUT it wasnt that drug that is seen as the cause of Michaels death. It is the mixture and mainly the doses of OTHER medications like Demerol that were given before hand. 
Dr. Murray said Michael was suffering from insomnia. Its true Michael had nightmares/insomnia to keep him from sleep at night documented since 1990. Taking medicines to help him sleep has been normal for him for all those years. He had many doctors that helped him and gave him the Propolphol to put him into a Dreamless sleep (to avoid nightmares). The drug Proplphol is used in Hospitals only and NEVER given to insomniacs. Its the drug used to put patients under before Surgeries. Michael was used to getting the I.V. inserted and being woken later by his medical doctor. Dr. Murray was NEW to Michaels home YET Michael still trusted him. If the doctor does not monitor you THE ENTIRE time you are under surgical drugs (asleep) anyone can die if their lungs stop breathing. 
Being out of the room for 45 minutes on the PHONE is definately putting Michael in GREAT danger. 

Dr. Murray keeps stating that he only left the room for 7 minutes. His story does NOT hold up. The time of night that he left Michael shows on Phone Records that Murray was on the phone talking to (unreleased) people. 

---there is a lot of evidence here that he in fact did commit Manslaughter in a very DANGEROUS situation. Michael did NOT die from the Propolphol injection i.v. he died from reactions with Demerol/other drugs in a mix that has turned out to be the poison apple. 
posted: 3947 days ago

There are theories about why Murray would want to be rid of Michael but Ive written enough. I just want whomever cares enough about Michael to read this to know what Ive researched. I dont read tabloids so be sure that this is all information either from the sources or from news that is trusted.---Please make your own awareness blingee about michaels murder.. please get the word out because most people still think it was an accident..

--Medical Evidence (it took a long time to finally GET TO US) has shown this was not an accident, but that this shows signs of a lot of thinking behind the medicines. The coroner has ruled after TWO autopsies to be certain that this was HOMICIDE./murder.

...WE LoVe You Michael!! 
NO ONE deserves to die this way!! 
* * * * * J U S T I C E for Michael

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We'll fight 4e 4 u,Michael...We'll stay 4e u...
'cose we love u Michael!!!!!XD XXX
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We're fighting for you michael. ♥
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Hi you guys...
do you think we could like make a few michael jackson Justice for Michael blingees?
I know it would help to spread the word that he didnt die the way people think and that we have to get Justice!

We love you Michael.
I dont think we can ever forget him.
And Ill never forget an ANGEL was taken from us.. homicide. Its NOT how I thought MIchael would pass away. I thought hed grow older and older and just keep smiling and being wonderful.. now his kids dont have him anymore. I know he watches over them, its just.. dr murray took Michael from them, from ALL OF US.

PLease make an awareness bling if you feel like you want to.. we can spread the word and maybe some people that dont know can find out.


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