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~Cosplay Corner~
I saw Rin and Miku Cosplayers fandubbing to Popipo!
It was really adorable! The Rin cosplayer's YT account
is baronette. Her video "Cosplay Day Out 2009" is where you can see it also! :) Check it out!

New set of VOCALOIDs are coming out; a school girl and a teacher and plus a new VOCALOID in coming way in December. During Christmas week I think. Look it up!

~Song Of The Month~
Miku Hatsune - Rolling Girl

~Recommended Videos~
Miku Hatsune - SAIHATE (サイハテ)
Kagamine Len - Re_Birthday
Kagamine Rin - I like you, I love you
Megurine Luka & Kamui Gakupo - Go Google It
KAITO + Group - Hikyo Sentai Urotander
MEIKO - Various Feelings

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