The Varia

The Varia

For all Fans of Katekyo Hitman Reborn and their VARIA!! Für alle Fans von Reborn! und der Varia!!!!!

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  • Number of Members: 38
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Member of Varia:

Xanxus (Satan/Amon/Azzarox: Wrath: Ira)
Name in Kanji  ザンザス  
Name in Romanji  Zanzasu  

Title  Varia Leader, Vongola Boss Candidate  
Gender  Male  
Age  24 (Varia arc), 34 (Future arc)  
Weapon  X-Guns, Flame Of Wrath  
Box Animal  Ligre Tempesta di Cielo  
Flame  Sky Flame/Flame Of Wrath  
Status  Alive  
Date of Birth  October 10th  
Blood Type  A  
Height  188cm  
Weight  80kgs  
Seiyu  Masanori Ikeda  
Manga Debut  Chapter 87  
Anime Debut  Episode 40  

Squalo Superbi (Lucifer: Pride: Superbia)
Name in Kanji  スペルビ スクアーロ  
Name in Romanji  Superubi Sukuāro  

Title  Second-in-Command of the Varia, Vongola Rain Guardian candidate 
Sword Emperor 
Gender  Male  
Age  22, 32 in the Future  
Weapon  Sword attached to his left arm  
Box Animal  Grande Pioggia Squalo  
Flame  Rain Flame  
Status  Present:Alive 
Date of Birth  March 13th  
Blood Type  O  
Height  182cm  
Weight  75kg  
Seiyu  Hiroki Takahashi  
Manga Debut  Chapter 82  
Anime Debut  Episode 34  

Belphegor (Belphegor: Sloth: Acedia)
Name in Kanji  ベルフェゴール  
Name in Romanji  Berufegōru  
Nicknames  Bel, Prince the Ripper 

Title  Varia Officer, Prince the Ripper, Vongola Storm Guardian candidate  
Age  16, 26 in the future  
Nationality  italian 
Weapon  Knifes and Wires  
Box Animal  Storm Mink (Visone Tempesta)  
Flame  Storm  
Status  Alive  
Date of Birth  December 22  
Blood Type  AB  
Height  170 cm  
Weight  58kg  
Known Family Members  Rasiel (Twin brother, dead)
Seiyu  Yûki Fujiwara  
Manga Debut  Chapter 92  
Anime Debut  Episode 40  

Viper/Mammon (Marmon: Greed; Avaritia)
Name in Kanji  マーモン  
Name in Romanji  Māmon  

Title  Varia Officer, Vongola Mist Guardian candidate, Mist Arcobaleno  
Gender  Male  
Age  1(infant) unknown(adult)  
Weapon  Frog (Fantasma), Illusions  
Box Animal  Mist Starfish(Arcobaleno Trials Arc)  
Flame  Mist  
Status  Alive(Before Future Arc.) Deceased(Future Arc)  
Date of Birth  July 2nd  
Blood Type  A  
Height  40 cm  
Weight  3.6 kg  
Seiyu  Rumi Shishido  
Manga Debut  Chapter 90  
Anime Debut  Episode 40  

Fran (Marmon: Greed; Avaritia)
Name in Kanji  フラン  
Name in Romanji  Furan  

Title  Varia Officer  
Gender  Male   
Flame  Mist  
Status  Alive  
Seiyu  Kokuryu Sachi  
Manga Debut  Manga Chapter 219  
Anime Debut  Episode 136  

Lussuria (Asmodeus: Lust: Luxuria)
Name in Kanji  ルッスーリア  
Name in Romanji  Russūria  

Title  Varia Officer, Vongola Sun Guardian candidate  
Gender  Male  
Age  25, 35 in the future  
Weapon  Muay Thai, Metal knee (metal plate over left knee)  
Box Animal  Serenity Peacock  
Flame  Sun Flame  
Status  Alive  
Date of Birth  April 4th  
Blood Type  A  
Height  185com  
Weight  78kg  
Seiyu  Kōichirō Yuzawa  
Manga Debut  Chapter 92  
Anime Debut  Episode 41  

Leviathan (Leviathan: Envy: Invidia)
Name in Kanji  レヴィ・ア・タン  
Name in Romanji  Revi A Than  
Nickname Levi  

Title  Varia Officer, Vongola Lightning Guardian candidate  
Gender  Male  
Age  Mid 23, 33 in the Future  
Weapon  Sword-like Parabolae  
Box Animal  Torpedine Fulmine (Lightning Torpedo)  
Flame  Thunder  
Status  Alive  
Date of Birth  November 14th  
Blood Type  A  
Height  193cm  
Weight  90kgs  
Seiyu  Yuto Nakano  
Manga Debut  Chapter 90  
Anime Debut  Episode 40  

Gola Mosca (Beelzebub: Gluttony: Gula or Gullia)
Name in Kanji  ゴーラ•モスカ  

Title  Varia Officer, Vongola Cloud Guardian candidate  
Gender  n/a ( possibly male)  
Weapon  Multiple Guns  
Flame  Most likely cloud  
Status  destroyed  

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