who's your fav singer ?

posted: 2267 days ago
your fav male singer 
female singer 

my fav singer is adam lambert 
female singer--->  kesha 
band ---> daughtry 
posted: 2257 days ago
your fav male singer - Stan Walker & MJ
female singer - Katy Perry
band - Paramore
posted: 2254 days ago
My favorite male singer is Elvis Presley.
My favorite female singer is Lisa Marie Presley.
And I don´t have a favorite band.
posted: 2252 days ago
Cody simpson,jessica jarrel,meganandliz,drake,megannicolle,nicki manij,every!
posted: 2238 days ago
Melanie Fiona right now because I love her voice and she's hot. 
posted: 2214 days ago
Katty Perry and Rihanna :) 
posted: 2207 days ago
fave male: mj or adam lavine
fave female: avril lavigne
fave band: muse maroon5 or greenday :) :D
posted: 2195 days ago
male- Li'l Wayne
female- Katy Perry,Madonna
band- Linkin' Park
posted: 2191 days ago
Favorite male artist:Adam Levine
Favorite female artist:Adele
Favorite band:Maroon 5 :D
posted: 2191 days ago
Male singer : Justin Bieber <3
female singer : Selena gomez or demi lovato
band : One Direction or hot chelle rae
posted: 2175 days ago
Male: Mitchel Musso i guess.
Female: Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson
Band: McFLY and My Chemical Romance

I don't really listen to many solo artists. I mostly listen to bands.
posted: 2152 days ago
Favorite male singer: Steve Perry 
Favorite female singer: Ann Wilson 
Favorite band: Journey 

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