Week 1 Challenge

posted: 3151 days ago
For week 1 all you have to do is cut back your showers by 5 minutes and you could save a lot of water because do you know that a 15 minute shower is around 35 gallons of water and all you have to do is make that a 10 minute shower. and then once you've done that come back and sign here.
posted: 3151 days ago
i usually take a 20 minute shower and i went fast and got done in 12 minutes so i'm signing
posted: 3151 days ago
i did that yay saved some water
posted: 3150 days ago
my shower in this week took me only a little time!Did it!ya know
posted: 2781 days ago
Well, I dont take a bath that much but I always protect nature, since we always want the world to look beautiful, so, maybe we could do it by taking care of it, right?

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