If u r a fan of Buono! plz join. But if u don't know them, come and check them out!

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Well i like them so much.. so i wanted to make a group for the Japanese band BUONO!

The band is a Hello Project unit consist of only three cute girls with great voices..
They have really special style..
And they preformed the opening of the famous anime: Shugo Chara, by the song Honto no Jipun, and many other songs during the show.. 

   Momoko Tsuguna
   Miyabi Natsuyaki
   Airi Suzuki

   Kokoro no Tamago
   Renai Rider
   Gachinko De Ikou
   Honto no Jipun
   Take it Easy
   Bravo! Bravo!
   My Boy
   Minna Daisuki

You can add here your Buono blingees or any Asian blingees if you like!  Hope You Enjoy!

They're so famous in Japan and around the world.. And i want to make them famous in blingee too!



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who's the cutest member in buono!
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i posted this just to try it out!
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