xxThe Black Paradexx

xxThe Black Paradexx

Welcome to the black parade. Band Members: Gerard Way: Vocals Mikey Way: Base Frank Iero: Guitar Bob Bryar: Drums- Left Ray Toro: Guitar

  • Founder: MCRmychem
  • Number of Members: 3
  • Number of Blingees: 6
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Welcome to the black parade, welcom to your leading MCR group here on BLingee.
Group rules: No swearing or bad mouthing.
-No linking
-No self harm, If you belive you are about to self harm yourself please get help.
-Enojy, upload your blingees and check back all the time!

News 29 may 2010
Farwell Bob Bryar!
You were my favourite drummer from the band! Especially on the DVD " Life on the murder scene"
Hope all goes well for you!
Reason For Leaving:
Currently unknown, My chemical ROmance dont speak shit and like Gerard said we would rather you hear it from us than any gossip mag!
Farwell Bob!

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