Smexy guys!

Smexy guys!

~<3 Smexy guys!!<3~ (^_Q) I say good man!! what dapper men you have here! wot wot~~

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NOTE!! new rule!!! If you have a Blingee of a smexy guy you just love.. but it has a girl in it as well, as long as there is a man in it you can post it here as well!! cool huh? ( i rather have the man be the main focus)

this  group is for anyone who likes the smexy guys in games,anime,RL movies or even a OC!as long as he is smexy to you(be him a muscle man or a bishounen!) join! just a note.. i love bishounen!

~~At the moment I:~~
LOVE Sephiroth with a undying passion!If i could i would pull him out of the life stream myself just to have him cut me down after i confessed my love.... then i WOULD drag him back DOWN with me HAHAHA take that sephi!!!.... *cough*
~~um.....where was I? oh yes!

Enjoy your stay!!

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