°|☼|°~*´|° α ¢σℓσяƒυℓ gяσυρ °|`*~°|☼|°

°|☼|°~*´|° α ¢σℓσяƒυℓ gяσυρ  °|`*~°|☼|°

Blue, red, yellow, green, orange, pink, purple, black, white, and so on! All colors are great! Do you like the colors of the rainbow? Here you on the right side! :D

  • Founder: Natsuki188
  • Number of Members: 102
  • Number of Blingees: 3251
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3. Contest:
1.Platz -> -Kitty_love-:
2.Platz -> XxAnimeLadyxX:

2. Contest:
1. Platz -> Aneki-San:
2. Platz -> Christina2602:

1. Contest:
1. Platz -> Deidara-Senpai:
2. Platz -> Aneki-San:

Blau wie das Wasser...
Rot wie die Liebe...
Gelb wie die Sonne...
Grün wie die Natur...
Orange wie eine Orange (xP)...
Pink die eine durchgeknallte Person...
Lila wie...wie...sorry ich weiß nix x'D

Alle Farben sind toll!
Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe?
Was ist dein Farbstil?
Welche Farben nimmst du am liebsten für deine Blingees?

Hier schreiben wie über alle Farben der Welt, von gelb bis zu schwarz! :D

Ps:. Der 2. Contest wird vorbereitet...^^


3rd contest:
1st place -> -Kitty_love-:
2nd place -> XxAnimeLadyxX:

2nd contest:
1st place -> Aneki-San:
2nd place -> Christina2602:

1st contest:
1st Place -> Deidara-Senpai:
2nd place -> Aneki-San:

Blue like the wather...
Red like love...
Yellow like the sun...
Green like the nature...
Orange like a orange (xP)...
Pink like a crazy person...
Purple like...like...sorry i don't no x'D

All colours are great, or?
Whats your favorite colour?
Whats your colour stile?
Which colour do you like for your blingees?

Here we speak about all colours of the world, from yellow to black! :D

Ps:. 2nd contest is prepared...^^

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