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Selena Gomez here hacking my good friend =D
I just want to say shes a great friend, shes
nice caring, love and more. youll be lucky 
to have a friend like her. http://bln.gs/b/1xrksi
                   Love You,
   (SelenaG9601)             Selena Gomez             
Hey its Natalie (pOrEoTiXgUrL)hacking Angie's page aka carrotaml:)ummm what should i say....okie-dokie
She is like the nicest person ever and the best person to be around with!!! she is like my bff oh wait no she is not my bff she is like my sister!!!
i love her like a fat kid loves chocolate cake:)
ilysm and never forget that im always here for you and that your my bff forever!!!I ♥ U-Natalie
Hakked By Alli aka x.Purple.x
Angie ilysm! even tho we dont talk much i still love u!ur awesome!!
-Alli http://bln.gs/b/1xvpy4  http://bln.gs/b/1y2dw4

Hacked again by Alli 
~Your a Amazing friend
~Your blingee are awesome
~Bffs forever
4 u
Thiz iz Alyssa hackin Angie. Well, wht should i say bout her?? Well she iz awesome N nice N sweet. I am very lucky 2 b havin he az a friend. Angie iz one ov my bestiez. She will b my bestie 4 az long az i live. No matter wht, she will alwayz b my bestest friend. ILY!!!!! 
      ♥ Alyssa ( ♥♫Alyssa♫♥ ) http://bln.gs/b/1xwyi5
hey people!its me nicole(nicolem10)angie rocks!be nice!shes awsome!i love her blingees!
♥s u!
Nikki!  http://bln.gs/b/1y2lkr
Thiss iss Anhel [Ginqy] hackinqq yuhh !! :D
Muaww-Hahaa ... Lol .. Well whaatt can i sayy ?? I knoww wee jusstt meet but as timee pass wee aree qoinqq to bee qood friends until thee end.♥
Yuhh aree onee kool qurl !! Never chanqee who yuhh are causee thaatts whaatt makes yuhh special.♥ 
I lovee yuhh Pinnochio.<3(:
 http://bln.gs/b/2225yk  Lovee Yaa.♥

Okayy , this be Jaslyn hackingg Angie's account(;
First of all , this girl is a TRUE bestie (:
She never forgets her friends on here , thats why i'll always be her lonely twin foreverr ;D♥
iLoveYouu Angie you're so beautiful, my lonely twin(:
We've been friends for a year , but more yearss to
come ;D Te Amo Forever && Always Pretty Mamma ;D
Kai Bai .<3(:
-- Jaslyn .♥

Hacked by Alyssa again(;
 AngieeCakes, did I ever tell you how much I loved you? (x Well, I really do<3
You are my carrot, and I will forever be your Celery(: You are my liddo sister, forever and always! <3 You are a great friend, sweet too(; We have been friends for almost a year now! I am glad that you trust me, and we shall forever be Double A Buddies(;
     ~Alyssa, Big Sissy
нαcĸєd вy вellα (BePrecious)
 мy вαcon ιѕ тнє вєsт gιrl ιn тнє world; sнє'ѕ ғυnny, swєєт, crαzy, rαndoм, wιтн αn αмαzing pєrsonαlιтy. ι ĸnow my вαcon мorє тнαn α yєαr αnd ιт нas вєєn αмαzιng, ι αlmosт losє нєr and ι wιll nєvєr мαĸє αny мιsтαĸє lιĸє тнαт, ι wιll nєvєr lєт мy вαcon go єvєn ιғ sнє wαnтєd мє тo(x ι lovє yoυ мy вααcon -pαncαĸє ♡ { http://bln.gs/b/22m72d }

Alyssa heree aqaain! Heehee; foor thee thiird timee, SweetCakees! ;D Daymnnnnn; thiis account haas alott'a sweet memoriees ;o I misseed youu, AnqieeCakess<|3 Thaank qoshh yourr'baack, anqel<3 Youu, myy dearr, shaall foorever bee myy Carroot; annd tooqetheer, wee foorm thee 'Doublee'A' Babesss ;D xD Weell, taa'taa foor noow! xD Je't aimee, Anqieeee! --Alyssa ( AKA;; Ceeleery ]
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