Littlest Pet Shop Lovers.

Littlest Pet Shop Lovers.


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*;.....About This Group.....;*

Join this group if you like LPS or also known as Littlest Pet Shop. You may post blingees of some of your LPS. 


I will have a contest once a week if at least 3 blingees are entered. If more then 3 are entered, I shall choose 3 random ones. If you don't get choosed, please don't be mad! These are the prizes: 1st Place gets a free gift from me, and gets a free blingee made by me. 2nd place gets a free gift and a stamp made by me. 3rd place gets a free stamp made by me.

And yes, I know the puppy and kitten blingee is not LPS, I just had to set it as the icon for the group

Thats it! PlEASE Join. ;)

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How We Need More Lps For Our Collections
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