[*..rocĸ ѕтar мanιa..*]

[*..rocĸ ѕтar мanιa..*]

coмe нang and coмpeтe wιтн oтнerѕ тo ѕee wнo ιѕ тнe greaтeѕт ғan oғ rocĸ ѕтarтѕ тoday.. or even ғroм вeғore!

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So you like Rock Stars huh?! 
I thought you did! :D <33
ѕo ιn тнιѕ groυp yoυ wιll нang oυт wιтн oтнer rocĸ ѕтar ғanѕ and preттy мυcн cнooѕe one rocĸ ѕтar ғroм any вand yoυ lιĸe and coмpeтe wιтн тнeм all cycle long. a cycle wιll вe 10 cнallengeѕ and тнey wιll all вe dιғғerenт. ι aм нopιng тo geт aѕ мany conтeѕтanтѕ aѕ poѕѕιвle.. ѕo ιғ yoυ ғrιendѕ lιĸe cнallengeѕ and rocĸ ѕтarѕ.. geт тнeм тo joιn тoo! a cнallenge wιll вe тнe ѕaмe тιмe every weeĸ... тнen yoυ wιll coмe вacĸ тнe neхт day and voтe.. and norмally тнe voтιng ιѕ ѕaтυrday and ѕυnday.. wнιle тнe cнallenge goeѕ ғroм мonday тo ғrιday.. υnderѕтand?? ѕo jυѕт cнooѕe a вand ғroм rocĸ/мeтal/ѕcreaмo/claѕѕιc.. jυѕт any rocĸ ѕтar and leтѕ geт ѕтarтed!  

Hope this is better for you guys..

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Challenges Round 1:

12Ciara [Danny Worsnop]
VengeanceNeverDies [Zacky Vengeance]
Fallen Angel [Gerard Way]
Jennifer997 [James Cassells]
SafeInTheDark_Emo [Amy Lee]
_Mitchy_16 [Beau Bokan]
Bujee97 [Sid Vicious]
-Anto Gates- [Synyster Gates]
Alecs_Axes [Sonny Moore]
Pixytta [Jared Leto]

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