Creative Flare

Creative Flare

What's your niche? Is it Celebrites, Animals, Gothic? Whatever it is this is the place to show it off! Be creative!:D

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("Come with me and escape" {Damon&Eléna}) 

Everyone has their own personal style, and this group was created to help you show off your work and compare your styles with your friends.

Have fun! :)

Winner of the Halloween Contest:
moreno_gabriela: (skulls land)

Winner of the "Challange of Faires":
Yanina2611: (* { A little piece of heaven } * Fairy *)

Winner of Chirstmas Challenge
4Cat2Luna: (veselé Vianoce = merry xmas to all friends)

Winner of the Valentine's Day Challenge:
("Come with me and escape" {Damon&Eléna}) 

Note: Please keep the Blingee(s) clean thank you No Nudity or foul languauge or signs. 

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The happy winner for the Valentines Challenge is....
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Voting for Valentine's Day Challenge CLOSED
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Valentine's Day Challenge (CLOSED)
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**Help the Group Out!**
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Christmas Challenge WInner
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