The happy winner for the Valentines Challenge is....

posted: 2471 days ago
The winner for this special Valentine's Challenge is our friend blair25 with this wonderful creation:

posted: 2468 days ago
Thank you so much my friends !! =)
I'am very happy !!!!!

And I hope a Happy Valentine's day for you !!!
posted: 2468 days ago
Congrats! :)

which 10 blingees would you like to have raed 10 stars?

Also you can choose either the next theme OR the stamp you would like to be used in the new share-a-stamp challenge :)
posted: 2426 days ago
HellO !! =)
I am sorry to have forgotten to choose 
the new challenge! =(
For blingees estimated I would want my 10 first ones blingees! =)
For the new challenge I chosen the following theme: STAR in SPRING !!

kisses and I hope you a good day !=)

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