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(Fantajī Japanese ファイナル ファンタジー Fainaru) Final Fantasy is a computer role-playing game series from the Japanese company Square Enix (later Square Enix). In addition to the now 14 titles in the "main series" has the successful Final Fantasy brand extended to a variety of platforms and genres, including tactical role-playing games, MMORPGs, Java games, three anime productions and two feature-length animated films. Previously sold over 100 million units of the brand (as at 7 June 2011) [1].

Despite the fact that Final Fantasy is a series, there is no continuous plot that runs through all the parts. Each (major) part of the series offers a self-contained story with their own character, its own world and also a separate game system. Final Fantasy X-2 and make some spin-off title but the content of a main part, the game system often deviates from clear.


In 1987 the small Japanese game developer Square was close to bankruptcy. Previously the company had his money on video games for the Famicom Disk System Nintendo deserves. A year earlier Enix had brought the popular role-playing game Dragon Quest on the market. The President of Square, Hironobu Sakaguchi, had the idea to develop a video game that would indeed based on Dragon Quest, but extend its concepts to expand and would prevail: Final Fantasy. The developers have focused fully on this project, since the fate of the company depended on the success of the game. It also follows the name "Final Fantasy": "Final" because it should be the last attempt to develop a good game from the threat of bankruptcy, and "Fantasy", because there should be a fantasy game. The goals were ambitious. They wanted to create a milestone in the genre of computer-based RPGs. Square struck a chord with time and the game was about 400,000 units sold in Japan became a bestseller

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