*Fiяst Vσcαlσid Chαllεngε Clσsεd*

posted: 2296 days ago
~Hello everyone!^^
 I know it's been a while since I first opened this Vocaloid group and I really never got a chance to take good care of it as it should be,but now I decided to do so ;) So,here's the first challenge!It's theme will be Valentines Day Vocaloider because Valentines day is coming up as you alm may know ;)

This challenge consist in creating a bling with a vocaloider with the Valentines theme ;) any vocaloider you prefer!
Now your bling must have this features in order to compete:
1.It MUST have the Valentines Theme of course♥
2.You MUST include the text "Vocaloid" somewhere in your bling.
3.It MUST be a new creation (Please!)

You can all enter only ONE(1) creation to this challenge!
This Challenge will be open just for two days:Since today February 10th until February 12th.

I hope to see you all participating! ♥
posted: 2296 days ago
(~◕ヮ◕)~*'・゚✧ YAY! Its gonna be so fun! <3
posted: 2295 days ago
Here's my bling :)
posted: 2295 days ago
sounds fun count me in!
posted: 2295 days ago
Here's mine! ^w^ http://bln.gs/b/248vy9
posted: 2295 days ago
heres mine

posted: 2294 days ago
hope you guys like it!

- http://blingee.com/blingee/view/128081506-Do-You-Like-My-Chocolates-
posted: 2294 days ago
Here's my blingee, I would had it done yesterday but my power went off while was making it and i didnt get the power back until 11 a clock last night :P

posted: 2294 days ago
LOL Sorry mines so late... The challenge is probably already over :,( My power went out. Oh well thanks for the invite thought! ;D I look forward to the next challenge! http://bln.gs/b/249b5f

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