Important Issue!

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posted: 2696 days ago
Please Read and give me feedback on what you feel! 
I would like to know if I am doing my duty by sending out notification to all on the list of the up comming challenges and voting?

Dose anyone else feel that whoever enters the challenges should have to vote and if they dont they will be Disqualified?

4Cat2Luna says:
about 14 hours ago 
Becky, its your DUTY to send all members notification when is time for voting in the Challenges!!!
Who does not participate in the vote,
should be disqualified!!!
The challenges 9 is not valid!!!

becky_rose35 says:
about 9 hours ago 
 Mari Anna,
 I do notify everyone who has signed up on the notification list. I sent this warning out to all the group members that if you do not sign up you will not receive anymore notifications from the group. I had done this because I had people get nasty with me because of receiving notifications.
I also have this posted on the groups home page. 
I checked the list and I did not see where you have signed up so that is why you have not gotten any notifictions. 

4Cat2Luna says:
about 4 hours ago 
Thats a crock! Not everyone who has registered for notified has voted! Not everyone who has registered was not notified!
25 members have participated in Challenge 9 but  only 15 members voted! This is not correct not right! Who takes part in the competition but not voted should be disqualified!
Challenge 9 is BULLSHIT!
posted: 2696 days ago
Hello everyone! I'll be honest: I do not care because I do not understand why so much argument needs to be done on the whole controversy.I enjoy creating and for me it is not so important who voted and who did not.It saddens me when I see such talk, and do not want to participate in this discussion.

Good day to you all!
posted: 2696 days ago
Its not about who Wins who not! Its Task, Function, Job - or whatever - from Group Manager to ensure in their Group is all Fair and Correct! Read the Profil from Group Cat Luv, a good example as it must be:
"You must Vote for the Blingee you think is the Best - Originality and Composition - do not Vote for someone because you are Friends with them or you like them! This is a Vote for the Best Blingee Contest not a Friend Contest! If you enter a Contest you must also Vote. This is Mandatory!" Thats Right! The group should act accordingly!,and who was Notified but not Voted, their Blingee must be Disqualified! 
Particularly Challenge 9 with this Background is not Valid!  
posted: 2696 days ago
I agree with 4Cat2Luna!
posted: 2696 days ago
Hi! That's weird about it. Most people need to vote other people's work for the challenge. And adding a blingee to this group. I'll try best!
posted: 2696 days ago
I think that everyone who participates will also vote if they can. However I can imagine circumstances that people are not able to vote. For instance I can imagine that someone participated in last challenge, but couldn't vote due to the holidays. that so bad and worth all the angry and sometimes bitchy reactions! 
With my compliments to the managers of the In black and white group, I really appreciate your work!
posted: 2696 days ago
I'm grateful for whom they vote for my creations, and especially I respect the creativity of everyone, your effort, and the important thing, is necessary to amuse itself!!
posted: 2696 days ago
Join SOAVE s arguments.
posted: 2696 days ago
bonjour a vous conclusion est que je suis là pour mon plaisir.on n'a tous notre vie et ne pas être au rendez-vous à la date et heures des votes,on peut avoir un empêchement (être malade etc...)sur-ce je vous laisse définir vos choix..bisous amicalement 
posted: 2696 days ago
Notifications are for me, perfect!!! for the competition... I love. When votes... one who wins by votes, voted him also... normal! otherwise it is the 2, who voted him that wins the challenge. I am not left with the votes, it is true that at times I am late for the votes, then I leave a Word... but otherwise, as I made creations, I vote.
posted: 2695 days ago
for this problem of the lack of votes on the challenge #9, I agree with Tirsah :  it's due to the holidays!   it will be better if all the participants can vote, but the principal is to participate and have fun, not to win! ( and I think that if there's is too much créations to look, it takes too much time, that is the reason  perhaps why some people don't vote, by lack of time or laziness!!   
posted: 2695 days ago
i think that it should not be required to vote because sometimes i get notifications and do not get around to them. also sometimes i am not online due to time but had time to enter. please do not disqualify people who do not vote when they entered. thanks
posted: 2695 days ago
Hi...I am still kinda new to these challenges but when I enter I vote on that category also. That is just what I do. But if I ever miss a vote I completely understand getting disqualified if it happens.  I am here to have fun and make blingees. God bless...have fun. thanks for letting me share my blingees in this group. :)
posted: 2695 days ago
It is a privledge to be a part of a group. I have seen over the time I have been on is people generally enter AND vote, but if they cant or dont....I feel voting gives them a 2nd chance to be a part of things. Notifications are a privledge too and not every group does as much personal communication. It does not matter to me. It is alot of work to run a group, which I ended up learning when I opened up my own group. I think it should be lighthearted and fun. Should anyone ever have an issue any of us group managers are easily approachable and want to make our group members happy and for EVERYONE to have fun. Thank you for everyone letting us know what you think so we can make things better for all.

Also want to mention people may have things come up like overtime at work or a sick family member and may not be on for a week and think it is unfair to penalize people for the unknown.
Thank you kindly.
posted: 2695 days ago
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