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posted: 2323 days ago
°this time contest and rules wanna be different°
this contest is about the blingee who has more points (no votes)
rules are easy just make a blingee whith one of this stamps and the anothers contestants 
will decide how points you have in your blingee
so read the rules whit atenccion

1- make a blingee whith one of this stamps 

2- just one blingee
3-when you have already your blingee put it here in the contest

4- you have a week for put your blingee

5- when all blingees are already im going to saend you a message because the points start

6- so you wanna see all the blingees in the contest and you are going to put points in the blingees of another contestans

7- the points are 1 to 100 
(no more)

8- example im going to put in your blingee 100 points you friends and the ather contestans can qualify you blingee whit 30 50 20 pints or like they like your blingee

9- in 5 days you can qualify the blingees
but yoyu can qualify your blingee

the winner is the blingee whit more points 
the winner will be asing as the group icon and the winner will decide what about want for the next contest and will recive a blingee too
       °hope to see you here°
if you have a question you can ask me in my profile 
         °so good luck °
posted: 2323 days ago
posted: 2320 days ago

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